Chances are you've stumbled upon this blog in search of clean beauty and skin care, natural approaches to endocrine disorders or genetic mutations and/or tips for non-toxic living.

Exploring these avenues can be overwhelming (and daunting) so take heart, I have been there. Whether you want to replace an entire household of products at once or more gradually, I want to help provide you with information to make the best decisions for you!

My "Shop" page contains my favorite products in various categories for Beauty and Skin Care, Babies and Kids, Household and Personal Care. But, if I were you, I'd be wondering why I should switch to these products in the first place. Here are several pieces of mine that may help kickstart your understanding of why.

Why (is this happening?)

  • Toxins in most beauty products and skin care may be causing more harm than good
  • Women are at heightened risk since we use more products than men, but also because the skin in and around the vaginal area is more permeable than other skin, making it one of the fastest gateways to the bloodstream. This matters because of the number of feminine products used on such a delicate area for years of our lifetime.
  • Bathing too often can disrupt the body's pH level, remove sebaceous oil, cause dry skin and disrupt the balance of good bacteria in addition to exposing ourselves to known carcinogens and toxins in popular soaps and antibacterials. 
  • Hormonal Birth Control has been linked to acne, PMS, PMDD, heavy and painful periods, weight gain, migraines, decreased libido, blood clots, nausea, water retention, mood swings, breast tenderness and chronic hormonal imbalance. 58% of women rely on hormonal birth control to "regulate" a health issue but the use of synthetic hormones merely mask symptoms temporarily while compounding the root problem.
  • Many top conventional tea makers don't wash tea leaves before they are bagged which means that while your tea is steeping, so are several types of pesticides - right into your cup.

How (to have it all...just without the side of toxins)

Just a few of my more popular most - feel free to use the search bar for any other product type you're wanting to switch out!

Digging Deeper