Organic Olivia's Herbal Tinctures - A Review

It’s not every day (or year) that I get to brag about another blogger’s incredible products, but Olivia from Organic Olivia fits the bill. For one, she’s not just a fellow blogger, but a fellow truth seeker, investigator and advocate for true wellness for all. Like many of us, she’s struggled with chronic illness and decided to not only take charge of her own health but to become an herbalist in doing so. She’s now developed an all-star line up of tinctures to help support your body function optimally.

Olivia sent Charlie and I a box of her goods and we wasted no time diving in. Here’s what we got and what we think!

*Note: All tinctures are alcohol-free, based in vegetable glycerin. Click the hyperlink for each item to view the full profile including all herbs included in each blend.

Digestive Juice

I’ll start with my favorite because I asked her to send two of these, one for me and one for the hubby. Something I learned recently from Olivia is that it used to be customary to incorporate all flavors into a meal because they all served a purpose: Sweet, sour, salty, savory and bitter. The bitter flavor signals the body to produce digestive enzymes, but somewhere along the way, we lost the custom of incorporating it into our meals, hence one of several reasons many of us struggle with digestion. So instead of taking a digestive enzyme, one could instead, “bring the bitter back” to signal the body to produce it’s own!

Poor digestion isn’t just about bloating or pain; if the body isn’t breaking down food and/or absorbing the nutrients properly, it has a long term affect on our entire body. Ideally, eating and digesting should be a pain-free experience with our bodies absorbing and using the nutrients for energy and healing.

All it takes is about 5 spritz’s on the tongue before a meal and experience the difference. Charlie and I are already wondering if this formula will come in a Costco size so we can refill our bottles when needed. ;)

You can buy and read more about the Digestive Juice here.

Liver Juice

Supporting my liver is something I think about daily. As someone with a homozygous MTHFR gene defect, this means I have to take activated (methylated) folate and B vitamins since my body doesn’t activate them effectively on it’s own. Methylation is a key part of detox; our livers use methylation in order to excrete toxins efficiently. So in addition to supplementing the appropriate methyl vitamins, my doctor has continuously encouraged me to help support my liver’s detox ability with milk thistle and dandelion root.

Stagnation in the liver could be the cause of acne or feeling sluggish or even hormonal imbalance - did you know that excess hormones can just “float around” unless they are properly disposed of? Hence why anytime I’m feeling off, one of my first thoughts is, oh crap, I haven’t had my milk thistle in a while…

I’ll be honest, because of my PCOS disorder, I take 3 bioidentical hormone pills daily already and add that to my methyl vitamins + vitamin D drops + any other vitamin I want to add in for the immune system, it feels overwhelming to have to remember to make dandelion and milk thistle tea. Trying to drink enough water is tough enough, plus my tea always sits there, unmoved until I force myself to take a few gulps before throwing the rest away. (It’s not tasty.)

So imagine the angels singing in my ears when I saw Olivia’s Liver Juice, which not only has dandelion root and milk thistle, but a handful of other amazing herbs to aid the liver and…the best part, I only need one dropper full a day! It’s quick and easy, absorbs easier than a pill and I actually enjoy the taste! No more tea for me. Winner!

To purchase or read more about the Liver Juice click here.

Mood Juice

Have you heard of GABA? GABA is a neurotransmitter that communicates messages between the brain and the central nervous system. In fact, here’s a few conditions directly related to GABA production:

The Mood Juice is formulated with the plants that help increase your own production of GABA and could effectively address these issues listed above. In my experience, it has a pretty immediate calming effect, I’ll let you know how it affects my mood during my next cycle! You can take this as needed - read more about it here!

Brain Juice

I got this one specifically for Charlie because he has specifically complained about his memory and focus. Even after one dose, he was impressed with the improvement on his work day productivity and focus.

This blend works by “improving blood vessel health and circulation, so that the brain receives increased oxygen and nutrient delivery in the long term.” This has a positive effect on cognition and memory making for a more productive day and conversation (cognition) and less irritated spouse (memory). ;)

Read all about the Brain Juice herbs here!

So all in all, we are fans. And I might add, since I’ve been taking my three (Digestive, Liver + Juice) I feel like I’m banging on all cylinders in terms of overall function! You can see the rest of Olivia’s new tinctures here which include others like Peace Juice and Sleep Juice.