September Discovery: Josh Rosebrook

When Josh Rosbrook is featured in a beauty box, you don't ask questions, you just scoop it up. For real though, this will sell out fast because, well, he's Josh.

At this point, I would assume most of you know Josh Rosebrook. He's become a household name for those who seek clean beauty and intentional skincare. He's a wealth of knowledge and highly respected and trusted by so many of us. In fact, recently, when I asked my readers which brand they trust whole heartedly, Josh's name was mentioned the most! And it's not just because he's creating "clean" skincare. His products always go above and beyond the call of simply sourcing organic ingredients - he's working with a dedicated team of phytoscientists and herbalists who understand plant power and how to balance every little drop to create the synergistic effect of performance skincare.

His blog and instagram feed always seek to educate the reader and empower them with the ability to achieve great results. He's also someone I'm proud to call a friend, so I especially love seeing his product on shelves or highlighted in a magazine.

So when his products are offered at such valued pricing, those who love them will snag the box and those who haven't are super pumped to get an introduction.

This month's offerings from Beauty Heroes include:

  • Active Enzyme Exfoliator (Full-size, 1.5 fl oz, $65 value)
    • Multi-functional exfoliating treatment ideal for all skin types and my personal favorite exfoliator of all time! Features enzymes from honey, papaya, yucca, beetroot and elderberry that help soften skin and ease congestion. The skin's self-healing mechanism is encouraged with ashwaganda, black cohosh and coriander while the skin's brightening effect comes from eyebright, horse chestnut, goji berry, licorice and turmeric. I try to use this mask twice a week.
  • Hydrating Accelerator (Travel-size, 2 fl oz., $22 value)
    • Oh, this little love of mine takes me back to my childhood because the smell reminds me of cream soda. It's such a universal product one can use as a toner, to help balance pH, prepare the skin to receive a serum or balm, to lock in moisture, to freshen up mid-day and before, during and after airplane trips because we all know how dehydrated skin gets from that! I keep one of these within reach of my daughter because she has loved to spritz her own face with this for years!
  • Advanced Hydration Mask (Travel-size 0.75 fl oz., $38 value)
    • One of Josh's newer additions, and dry-skin's BFF as this formula attracts and maintains cellular hydration retention with senna seed, aloe vera, mango seed butter, honey and avocado. Josh suggests applying before showering and leaving on to allow more moisture to penetrate!
    • See the full details of the box on the Beauty Heroes site here

To purchase this box, sign up for Beauty Heroes with a 3, 6 or 12 months subscription with each box being $42.95, $39.95 or $37.96, respectively. Each box's value is always valued at over $90 retail and a great way to experience new, full size products. Subscribers also receive 15% off all purchases from the Beauty Heroes shop with no code required!

Have allergies or ingredients you prefer to avoid? No problem. After subscribing, you can e-mail their customer service team who will notate your preferences and you can skip the boxes with ingredients you prefer not to use.

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And now, I know many of you are excited for this box, tell me which product you're most excited for in the comments!