The Sunny Days Bundle Details

The Detox Market is offering an exciting gift with purchase starting today...more like GIFTS with purchase; this bundle carries a retail value of $253 and will be automatically added to your cart with any order of $190 or more.


Now, I'm not one to promote over consumption or pressure anyone to spend $190+ just off the cuff, so I encourage everyone to please think through your purchases. In this world of instant gratification and FOMO (fear of missing out, sorry, I know all the cool kids are saying it), I want to make sure you know it's OK if you don't drop a couple hundred just because of a promotion.

But, if you were planning on making a bigger purchase already, this is probably a nice-to-have. Maybe there are a couple products that stand out to you or you want to save some for gifts!


What's in the bundle:

Someone asked me if I had to recommend my ONE splurge item, what would it be? I'd have to say May Lindstrom's Blue Cocoon. At that price tag, if you add $10 more to your cart, the bundle is yours.

Or you could do something like my ride-or-die Holi Rose Deo + Laurel's Sun Damage Repair Serum + Josh's Active Enzyme Exfoliator + some Lip/Cheek Balm.

I've had a few consultations this week; helping readers narrow down which specific products to get for their personalized AM/PM skin care routine from The Detox Market, so if you'd like help with this while the promotion is going on, shoot me an e-mail janny at