Weekly Mélange - Wellness Box, Laundry Stains + Water Awareness

Beauty Heroes Wellness Box | Vital Proteins

I have spoken about Branch Basics cleaning concentrate numerous times, but I have recently transitioned to using it as our primary laundry detergent. It was put to the test right away when Sawyer's favorite organic horsey dress was drenched in ink stains. Every time she wears it, I think it's ruined, but our Branch Basics has gotten them out time after time!




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Numi Organic Tea + Together For H2OPE

I just wrapped up a campaign with Numi Organic Tea for World Water Day. I participated in a challenge to use just 7 gallons of water the entire day. Sounds easy right? Well, let's first acknowledge that most of use have easy access to clean water, heck, I've even have a whole-house water filter! In many countries, people, primarily women and children, walk hours a day to fetch water for the day. And once they're out, they're out!

My day started off with a bang; I used just a few ounces washing my face, brushing my teeth and tongue scraping, but then I looked at my make-up brushes and realized how much water I use to clean those daily. Then I started to realize how many times I wash my hands and I had to get strategic.

I had used a little over 3 1/2 gallons as of 6:00 pm before to showering or washing the dinner dishes. There's several things I couldn't measure like toilet flushing, dishwasher or laundry water, but all things to consider when thinking about how easy our access is to this vital part of life.

One thing that struck home was how much we all rely on water for our health. I'm not talking about drinking it, but the ability to wash and cleanse. The spread of disease plummeted in the United States when indoor plumbing and water sanitation became the norm. Much of the illness and death in third world countries is due to the lack of clean water access for this very reason.

Awareness and thankfulness is a wonderful place to start. You can also support the building of wells and clean water access directly or by purchasing items with organizations who donate portions to water initiatives such as Numi's Together For H2OPE. Some of those brands are:

...and of course Numi Organic Tea, whom you can find in most grocery stores or even on Amazon. Not only are their teas fair trade and organic, everything about them is sustainable. Their packaging is made from 85% post-consumer waste and printed with soy-based inks. They use natural, biodegradable filter-paper tea bags rather than nylon or GMO-origin tea sachets. I'm currently enjoying their Chocolate Pu-erh.