Weekly Mélange: Bloggers in the Wild

When bloggers unite IRL

Most of you know I spent 5 days in Southern California with several of my blogger besties at the ShiftCon event, but most of our memories happened off-site since we are rarely together. I mean, we all love being in bed by 9PM but found it hard to pull away and put ourselves to sleep before midnight!

Highlights: FOOD

  • Hitting up local | organic | and/or plant based gems like Vibe Kitchen, Outpost Kitchen, KRISP, Cafe Gratitude & Puesto

  • Devouring bomb GLUTEN FREE donuts from Sidecar. No joke, I think this was a top 10 moment for all of us, we even brought some home!

  • Witnessing Courtney Kahla discover the caffeine content in lattes. "I feel like I had coffee, but all I had was a latte!"

Pistachio Rose Latte | janny: organically.
Cafe Gratitude | janny: organically.

Highlights: Not Food

  • Late night chats in the hotel room with the girls

  • Getting a room to myself the first two nights but still waking at 6:30am because that's how it works I guess?

  • The Blogger Panel at The Detox Market. Doing some Q&A is nice, but we got to meet and hang with several of our readers, several of whom we've been chatting with for several years! One even brought me flowers; you all are seriously the best!

When in the detox market...
With the fabulous Merrady at The Detox Market
The Detox Market Blogger Panel
Bloggers hit The Detox Market

Last but not least, hugging Leah from Leahlani Skin Care all of Friday night. She's one of my favorite humans and I honestly couldn't let her go, in fact at some point I was basically sitting on her lap because I didn't want her to leave me. So I decided to take over her instagram stories and tell her audience about my Mojito Facial. I think it's gonna take off.

Bathroom selfies with @leahlaniskincare & @maisonpur
Polls on point
That poor mojito
Bathroom selfies with @leahlaniskincare & @maisonpur


On Friday I was notified about two separate features about janny: organically that went live! One is with Beauty Independent, the other with Wabi-Sabi Botanicals. I'm beyond grateful for your support and humbled that anyone bothers to read anything I ever write! You can click on the images below for the full article/interview.