Weekly Mélange - My Amazon Page + Presidents Day Sales

We had a warm weekend at the beach a few days ago and it was amaaazing! But now we're back to this yo-yo winter/spring/summer weather throughout the days. Ah well. OK onto it...

Janny's Amazon Page

First - I've gathered all my favorites that I shop from Amazon on the regular and placed them into one localized place on their site! Unfortunately, I can't organize them by category, but it's basically skin/beauty, kids, kitchen, books....well, it's amazon, so basically everything! I'll update as I shop!

See my shop here!

On to the sales...

Beauty Heroes

Berkey Water Filters

  • Deal 10% off site wide with code: BERKEYLIFE

  • NOW through 3/2/2018

  • Faves (besides the filters units)

    • Fluoride/Arsenic attachment filters

    • Shower Filters

    • Due to California law, Berkey is only able to ship their "outdoor" water purification systems to California. "Outdoor" systems include the Travel Berkey and Berkey Light. If you want the larger systems, you can always have a friend or family ship it to you from another state. ;)

  • Exclusions: all Scratch & Dent units, Berkey Custom Bundles, and Boroux Can Jackets

Creamcor Ceramic Cookware

Pure ceramic cooking and baking ware. No codes needed Deals:


West Elm

Vitamix Sales!

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