Holistic Healthcare on Demand: Expanding integrative medicine access

I get asked about how to find a Naturopathic Doctor a lot! Maybe it’s a New Year’s goal for some to seek one out, and if so, I’m happy to share a new service, Go Harvey, a telehealth platform that expands affordable access to integrative medicine using video consultations with licensed naturopathic doctors, advanced in-home lab testing and natural treatment plans.

Harvey's naturopathic doctors take a preventive, whole-body approach to medicine, with an emphasis on lifestyle and nutrition, to help address the root cause of chronic health conditions, reduce risk of disease, and improve quality of life.

As many know, when it came to diagnosing/treating the root cause of my chronic health issues, western medicine failed me for nearly 20 years until I had enough. It wasn't until I found an N.D. to investigate my symptoms properly, run thorough lab work and implement a holistic protocol that I began to heal.

I'm lucky to have access to this kind of care in California. But for those without this access can now literally consult with an N.D. via your computer and have customized lab work ordered!

Since I’m already under the care of a doctor and didn’t need any labs run, I offered this service to one of my readers who was in need.

Over the past month, Kassandra was able to experience these steps as a new Go Harvey patient:

  • Review of health history during a 1-hour video consultation with a naturopathic doctor ($150)
  • Lab kit and/or phlebotomist sent to the home for sample collection (Price varies)
  • Follow-up appointment to review test results with the doctor and gain actionable health insights and personalized plan (Starts at $75)

This pricing is standard when paying out of pocket. Remember, it's in your best interest to pay the doctor directly rather than a co-pay to a doctor receiving direction, mandates and incentives from the insurance & pharmaceutical companies.

Kassandra’s primary concern was acne. After her consultation with the doctor, it was recommended they test for food sensitivities. Go Harvey’s Lead Naturopathic doctor recently shared the top four reasons for adult acne which were:

  • Gut Health
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Detox Ability
Holistic Healthcare on Demand: Expanding integrative medicine access

A kit was sent to Kassandra’s home and a phlebotomist was scheduled to draw blood and send to the lab. Within less than two weeks, her the food sensitivities test showed she is highly sensitive to gluten, corn and dairy, which can activate the immune system and inflame the skin. Considering every patient is different, with a case like acne, one patient might need one test, where another might need all four.

Prior to her appointment, Kassandra had already stopped eating meat for a few months, so she’s decided to eat a vegan, gluten-free and corn-free diet for a month to see how it affects her skin.

If you’re someone in need of a doctor who’s willing to look at and treat the root causes of your health concerns, both Kassandra and I would recommend scheduling an appointment with Go Harvey.

You can also get $25 off your first visit by using the code: JANNY when you register.

*Code is valid once per patient.

All services are HIPAA compliant. Unfortunately, at this time, Harvey is unable to service clients in AK, FL, NY, SC or TN.

I understand for many of you, the pricing may still be an issue. Here’s a couple of my tips on working with a Naturopathic Doctor:

  • If you have insurance, check to see if your provider is willing to run the recommended tests for you so they are covered by insurance. Once the test are back, you can provide them to the ND to interpret. Remember, it’s illegal for the doctor or lab or deny you access to your lab reports, so make sure no one tries to keep them from you!
  • Utilize a Health Savings Account (HSA). I know open enrollment is over, but for the future, utilizing an HSA I’ve found to be the best option for those of us leading more of a “alternative” health lifestyle. With an HSA, you still have medical coverage and in-network doctors, but you can use up to $6500 per year on healthcare services which is all tax deductible. All of my appointments with the N.D., our vitamin infusions, chiropractor, supplements, prescriptions, bioidenticals, etc. as long as they are paid with from our HSA account, are tax deductible and they don’t have to be pre-approved.

If you've been seeking out a provider who wants to get to the root of your health concerns, check out Go Harvey's website!