Josh Rosebrook: The Hydration Trifecta

When it comes to clean beauty innovation, Josh Rosebrook is on the front lines. He is consistently creating efficient, top quality products that not only perform better than department store brands, but never compromise on ingredient integrity.

This is one of the many reasons we listen when he speaks; while his wisdom and knowledge of holistic, plant-based elements are paramount, his willingness to define and demonstrate his discoveries is unparalleled. If you follow Josh on instagram, you know what I mean. You'll find his posts, videos and instagram-stories are always designed to help the reader understand skin chemistry, ingredient synergy and mindful wellness. 

Because Josh has become such a trusted voice in the community, it doesn't take much for us to purchase any new release. His new additions, the Vital Balm Cream and Advanced Hydration Mask sold out pretty shortly after he announced they were live! So for those who may not have grabbed the goods yet, here's what they are, how they work and where to find them!

Have normal to dry skin? This is for you. If you are one of the many people who struggle with chronic dryness, you may initiate your happy dance now! 


Josh designed this cream to be the best of both worlds; the creamy, silky texture and penetrating ability of a cream with the protecting elements of a balm. He uses the ever-so-healing Aloe Vera along with Indian Senna Seed, a new-to-me ingredient, whose high polysaccharides initiate your skin's ability to hydrate, hold moisture and self-repair. 

Talk about your hybrid powerhouse; these ingredients are not only initiating hydration at the cellular level, they help the skin repair and regenerate. Together, the active botanicals work to support moisture retention which should reflect in your skin with a softer, more supple texture.

Bonus tip: Your hands will love this! After applying most serums/creams I simply massage the left over portion on my hands. I don't know about you, but I just don't have time for manicures anymore, so my cuticles have been thanking me. 


This mask isn't what it seems. You open the jar to this blue balm, then goes on clear when applied. At first I thought I was doing it wrong or not adding enough, but this is how it's supposed to apply.

Along with several other organic and wild crafted active herbs, you'll find the Aloe Vera and Indian Senna Seed in this one as well. You can leave the mask on for 15-25 minutes before removing.

Once removed, the skin feels as if it had a deep conditioning treatment and glows from the locked-in moisture. 

This mask is meant to be removed with a dry cloth, which doesn't surprise me, Josh is the one who got me hooked on the waterless face technique (literally just made that term up) because using water can increase trans epidermal water loss and actually causes moisture to be lost, not added. 

Using these two products in tandem with the Hydrating Accelerator is truly a hydration trifecta. Use the Accelerator before and during mask application and right before applying the balm to, well, accelerate nutrition and hydration delivery.

These three truly work to not only hydrate but support dermal function, calm inflammation and redness, and improve circulation, so it could be the rescue formulation you've been waiting for!

Even though the healing butters used in the products are noncomedogenic and naturally breathable, for some with acne-prone or easily congested skin, you should try a sample of the products first.

You can grab them from:

Integrity Botanicals: Vital Balm Cream | Advanced Hydration Mask

The Detox Market: Vital Balm Cream | Advanced Hydration Mask