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H is for Love | janny: organically.

When it comes to skin care, cosmetics, food, and let's face it, pretty much anything else, for many of us, our standards for purity and integrity are pretty high. Slapping an organic label on a product or marketing it as "non-toxic" no longer carry any weight.

As I showed in my recent post about greenwashing, we have reason to be skeptical of the ingredients and who is overseeing it all. After scrutinizing labels, it has become more and more common in the clean beauty movement to expect access to the brand's owner and product creator. Maybe it's because we've been bamboozled in the past and trust is of upmost importance, so we want to know who is behind the brand.

  • What are your values?
  • Where is your line-in-the-sand regarding ingredients?
  • What does health mean to you? 
  • How do you eat?  

We don't seek a life of perfection, but one of awareness and challenging the status quo. 

And thus, you will find such a commitment to integrity, purity and wellness centeredness behind the brand of H is for Love, because luckily for you, I spend months researching brands before I even test their products! Bee, the creator of H, and I get along great because our values align in pretty much everything; be it skin care, food, faith or serving others, we both dig for truth and never compromise.  

Bee wass "stirred to contribute something redeeming to the world of beauty in an industry which tends to promote denial and an age rife with false promises and toxicity." She has looked at cultures throughout history who looked to nature for wellness and nourishment over submitting to the idolization of youth. Her findings were simple. Nature is enough.

H is for Love | janny: organically.

Can we just pause and marvel at plants for a moment?

The ingredients found in these products, and other favorites of mine, have been on this earth from the beginning. They weren't synthetically designed in lab to have a desired effect. They exist on their own with powerful healing and nourishing properties on their own! They are harvested and combined with other natural powerhouses to combine their incredible effects. It's just so mind-blowing and beautiful. 

As a minimalist, Bee set our to create a line of pure and effective products, but only what the skin needs. Every ingredient in each of her products are there for an intended purpose, chosen because they work together to replenish the skin. She sources organic, wild-harvested, cruelty-free and cold-pressed ingredients that honor the natural state in which they were grown. 

I typically use products for 6-8 weeks before sharing my thoughts on their performance, and H is no different. I used these products for 2 months prior to writing this review. This is the real deal, and here are some of my favorites. 

You know I'm a HUGE fan of dry oil cleansing, I've gone months without any water touching my face! Rapha is Bee's harmonizing oil cleanser, a rich, anti-inflammatory oil which dissolves make-up and dirt for easy removal and prepares the skin for sleep or waking.

Everything in this line smells incredible, and the combination of oils and essential oils in this formulation are calming enough to be used at night but uplifting enough to use first thing in the morning.

For morning cleansing, I use far less oil, just a pump or two and sweep with a dry washcloth and start my routine with a clean slate/face. Right after my cleansing, I spritz the Pollen Illuminating Mist, which, according to Bee, reintroduces proper pH balance, especially if you are using water on your face, while also evening skin tone...and who doesn't want that? 

Bee also explained how a mist is necessary for those using a balm or oil because the mist enables us to use the proper amount of oil, then the oil seals in the hydration. So misting prior to balm or oil application is ideal, then misting again might be a step your skin needs!

So once, I've misted, I apply the Nectar face oil, a perfect balance of oils to provide a perfect, non-greasy, moisturizing layer which encourages cell renewal and scavenges those pesky free-radicals. I always notice an immediate boost in color on my skin after applying Nectar and my face feels set and bright for the day.

If you need extra moisture, you can always add another drop or two to application, or boost or spot treat with the Bara Bara Balm, particularly during dry seasons

The Bara Bara balm is a smooth facial emollient that melts upon application and provides an extra layer of softness and protection. Also, it feels and smells delectable. I like to use the excess to massage into my hands each morning as a nourishing ointment.

One thing I felt was definitely noticeable after using this line for the past couple months was an improvement in elasticity. My face has more of a tighter "bounce" and honestly makes me feel more comfortable going make-up free most mornings. 

Bee also sent me her Lip Glacé, which I didn't think I was going to love as much as I do! She created this rose-colored tint with berries, roots and flowers (no mica!)and while the color looks deep, it applies as a light boost of color without getting too fancy.

The formulation is super hydrating as you would expect from a lip conditioner with the slightest hint of peppermint and vanilla. I use it every single day; it makes me look alive first thing in the morning!

Also, for the next week, Bee is offering my readers an amazing discount of 20% off any and everything in her shop, but just for the next 7 days! Use the code JANNY at check out to jump on this deal!

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I think you'll agree these products exceed your expectations for skincare and I just know you'll love Bee! Has anyone else tried H is For Love? What are your favorites?