Kari Gran: The Little Black Dress of Beauty

It's July, and even though we should be wearing SPF on our face daily, many of us don't get serious about it until it's summer time! But, as usual, Beauty Heroes has done another great job of working with the seasons as this month's expert selection features a full size bottle of Kari Gran's brand new release: The Three Sixty Five facial SPF 28. You like that not-so-subtle product name that reminds us SPF is not seasonal thing?

I own a few Kari Gran Lip Whips, but had yet to explore her skin care line. While scoping out the details, I discovered Kari created her line after being diagnosed with a thyroid condition and autoimmune disorder.

Many of you know, and have heard me beat this drum consistently, that ingredients matter. The wrong ingredients, like parabens, pthalates, chemical additives, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and preservatives, can cause serious damage as they are absorbed right into your blood stream. Whether it is tumors, cancer or hormone disruption that leads to other chronic condition, like an autoimmune disease like Kari, we need to be cautious of what we are putting on our skin as it ultimately ends up in our system.

But let's face it it, when deciding to make the switch to a clean beauty routine, it gets confusing! We may know the top "villain ingredients" to avoid, but are the rest of the ingredients pure, unadulterated, non-toxic and proven safe for our health? 

Well, this is why you might want to pay attention to a line like Kari Gran. She's not only created her line as a way to combat the harmful toxins and ingredients she had been personally affected by, but is committed to using ingredients that are good for you and your hormones!

And so, without further delay, I present July's Beauty Hero and Sidekick Trio by Kari Gran.

Kari Gran's Signature Skin Care Kit 

Included in this month's subscription box are Kari Gran's signature items, also known as her Little Black Dress products. 

  • Three Sixty Five SPF 28, 30 ml (full size)
    • A physical, broad-spectrum facial sunscreen design for daily use. Protects against both UVA (ryas that age the skin) and UVB (rays that burn the skin). 
    • Active Ingredient: Non-Nano Zinc Oxide 17%
    • Inactive Ingredients: Non-GMO Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Non-GMO French Plum Seed Oil, Organic Macadamia Nut Seed Oil, Non-GMO Kukui Seed Oil, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Jojoba Seed oil, Organic Beeswax, Tocopherol (Non-GMO Vitamin E from Sunflower)
  • Hydrating Tonic 15ml
    • A soothing alcohol-free blend of 100% fractionally distilled Aloe Vera Leaf, Vegetable Glycerin and Lavender essential oil 
  • Cleansing Oil 15ml
    • Designed to remove make-up and impurities during a nightime facial massage (oil is MY favorite way to cleanse!) 
  • Essential Serum 10ml
    • A potent and nourishing blend of 15 plant and essential oils. Can be used morning and/or evening

First, let me say I'm loving the smell of these products! I have a heightened sense of smell (I call it sophisticated, my husband calls it sensitive - I guess it's both!) and as I have been using higher quality products for sometime now, my nose definitely knows purity. The blend of plant and essential oils create pleasing aromas without being overwhelming.

Second, they perform.

The tonic is hydrating and refreshing - mine is actually gone already, I sprayed and sprayed I loved it so much 

The serum is moisturizing and healing - you don't need too much - just a pump in the morning, and two at night

The cleansing oil is effective and nourishing - This is by far my favorite way to dissolve impurities and wipe the day away

The Three Sixty Five

Sunscreen is a hot topic every year, and I'm glad more and more people are waking up to the dangers in mainstream, conventional sunscreens. Obviously, Kari Gran knows which ingredients to avoid and was able to create an effective, non-toxic facial SPF you can feel comfortable putting on your kiddos face too. This formulation does not include Shea Butter, which has been a source of some allergic reactions for some of my readers, so they'll be happy about this one for sure!

Since this SPF is formulated with a number of nourishing oils (Raspberry Seed, French Plum Seed, Macadamia Nut Seed, Kukui Seed, Avocado and Jojoba) it was better for me to skip my facial oil/serum. I do not have oily or dry skin, so maybe if you have dry skin, you can use the additional moisture. I'd love to know what you think about it too!

The facial SPF is a non-nano zinc oxide, which is the telling white shade, but you can easily make a tinted version by adding a tiny bit of foundation powder.

This month's value is near $90, so obviously, run don't walk to that subscribe button to get this kit in your hands ASAP. Beauty Heroes has been selling out in recent months, so if you are on the fence, remember, Beauty Heroes will work with you if you are at all unsatisfied with your purchase...but I don't think you will be! 

Who's already a member and excited about this one? Share below!

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