Prairie Bloom Body Care and Hope Gillerman's Book Release!

Prairie Bloom Body Care

I had the chance to try a few items from this line, and I can tell you, it's SUPERB and will be used in this home. The creator, Jade is an artisan and herbalist who formulated some smart non-toxic face and body products that work incredibly well.

Hydration Cream

We are generally a water-free product household, but Jade was able to create a moisturizing cream that is the consistency between lotion and body butter. Now I love my oils and butters for my body, but using those on a toddler can get messy. They aren't quite as cooperative when it comes to letting the oils absorb for a few moments before rubbing their body on sheets, walls, my Lululemon' get the picture.

I like that this cream is easy to apply without being watery but is still very hydrating and healing thanks to the oil infusion, rosemary and frankincense! A win for Miss Sawyer's cabinet!

Prairie Bloom Body Care  | janny: organically.

Warrior Salve

Now this is must-have for any household. This salve is your natural boo-boo potion featuring the healing and antibacterial properties of Helichrysum splendidum and Calendula. You can use this on skin irritation, burns, cuts and scrapes.

Sawyer recently experienced her first bee-sting (owie!) and after we cleaned the wound, we treated it with the salve. Whenever I get around to putting together my First Aid Kit, this one will be in there!

Note: There are two formulations, The Warrior Salve for use on Children and Adults over the age of 3, and the Little Warrior Salve for under the age of 3

Cleansing Grains

This is a soapless face wash and exfoliator that uses Kaolin white clay to wash dirt and make-up away while the blend of poppy seeds, lavender, oats and rose petals act as a gentle exfoliator which you can use daily! I pour a teaspoon into my mask bowl and mix in enough water to make it spreadable - and surprise! - it turns purple before your eyes! I take it in to the shower to apply...because, well, I'm sloppy and messy.

Jade was kind enough to extend a 20% off discount to my readers who would like to try her line using the code JANNYORGANICALLY at checkout.

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Essential Oils Every Day

By Hope Gillerman

I've talked about where I buy my essential oils (and why) but I still use Hope Gillerman's blends regularly as they are multi-functional and great for travel!

She just released her most recent book, Essential Oils Every Day, which is a great intro for those making the leap into essential oils. For anyone looking to build their cabinet or pursue more "DIY" recipes and blends, her book is an easy read with incredible information on basic tools and rules along with spot on recipes, practical application and safety. 

The contents include:

  • What You Need to Know to Get Started
  • Easy Everyday Rituals for Self-Care
  • The Scented Home: Healing Vapors
  • Healing Programs for Better Breathing, Relaxation and Focus; Sounder Sleep; Easier Travel; Beautiful Skin and Inspiration
  • Fix Me, Please! Building an Essential Oil Medicine Cabinet
  • Buying Your Oils
  • Forty Easy-to-Use Essential Oils

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Hope and she applied her oils while massaging my neck and jaw, for what I thought was a generous amount of time - we were, after all, smack dab in the middle of a store opening - but as soon as I felt like I was about fall asleep, I heard her say “There we go!” She was waiting for my jaw muscles to relax. A reminder to myself I need to be more consistent with her Jaw Clenching remedy and routine!

Her book is available from The Detox Market and Amazon!

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