Mother's Day Prep: My Mama Must-Haves

Mother's Day - Mama Must Haves! - janny: organically.

It's almost Mother's Day! It crept up again, as usual, but I wanted to share a few of my must-haves for the mama on your mind (even if it's yourself!).

Lily Jade Diaper Bags

Lily Jade has really carved out their own niche as the go-to for designer diaper bags that don't look like diaper bags. Not only do they make 10+ gorgeous bags, available in a variety of colors and material, but they feature a removable/washable "baby bag" organizer with plenty of pockets and a changing pad! 

Lily Jade Meggan in Brandy - janny: organically. #diaperbags

I am the proud owner of *two* Lily Jade bags. My first one is the sturdy, yet elegant Elizabeth in a stunning camel color. It touts two front pockets, side pockets and cup holders - all features I've come to rely upon.

My second and newest bag is the Meggan in Brandy. It's a taller and more flexible bag that is easily thrown over the shoulder because of the longer straps, and has a more casual feel to it. Both have the ability to change into a backpack, while the Elizabeth also features an over-the-shoulder option. I did a full review of the Elizabeth in 2014, so the Meggan will be getting some attention this time.

Many of you know we are preparing to foster/adopt this year, and even though the Elizabeth has plenty of room and pockets for days, I opted to get the Meggan because it has more room in the height department; you can almost put two baby bags on top of one another in it or pile up the clothing, toys, snacks, etc.

As we prepare for the expansion of our family, I look at my diaper bag and envision the changes. Since Sawyer is potty trained, there will plenty of room for a second child's diapers, bottles, onesies, toys...oh the possibilities.

Also, I've seen many childless women use these bags simply for the design and organization features. This isn't a bag you want to ditch just because you kid-free! I mean, I look how casually I admire succulents of all kind when I'm not immediately responsible for my offspring...;)

You can shop all Lily Jade Designer Diaper bags here!

*Special thanks to for shooting these pics!

The Dairy Fairy Nursing and Pumping Bras

Like Lily Jade, The Dairy Fairy Bras can be used by the non-moms as well....but why would you? I'll tell you, but first, let's talk about why nursing moms need these bras!

Most nursing moms want the option or ability to pump hands-free without needing to first remove their nursing bra and put on a separate pumping bra! Ain't nobody got time for that! 

The Dairy Fairy came on the scene via Kickstarter 4 years ago featuring the first All-In-One Nursing and Handsfree Pumping Bra. Though the owner, Emily, has grown this brand and features a variety of nursing/pumping bras and even tanks, the first bra, the Arden, named after her daughter, has a special place in my heart. It is super soft, wireless yet supportive and has some pretty knock out features:

  • Simultaneous Nursing and Pumping capability
  • Detachable straps for crisscross support
  • Adjustable Cross-Over Panels to accommodate fluctuating breast size and can be used as a 'last breast used' reminder
  • 4 inches of hook and eye closure for greater adjustability

I mean, how amazing it this? Plus, it's soooo soft, I used long after I was done nursing because it's just that comfy. Nursing and expectant moms, you want this!

Recently, Emily and I reconnected and I saw she had released several other options including a lacey feature, the Ayla.

Tell me this looks like a nursing and pumping bra! She sent me one to try, and while I didn't actively pump or nurse, I wore it around and remembered what it was like those first several months after giving birth. Remembering how the little things like a leg shave or pedicure went a long way in making me feel good about myself and realized the Ayla not only pulls it weight in functionality, but provides a little boost of sexy during those days when you're lucky to get a shower!  Plus, my husband likes nursing bras for easy access during extra curricular activities. ;)

My friend was kind enough to model the Ayla in action with her adorable 3 month old bundle of joy!

Mama Must Haves - The Dairy Fairy Nursing and Pumping Bra - janny: organically.
Mama Must Haves - The Dairy Fairy Nursing and Pumping Bra - janny: organically.

The Dairy Fairy is offering my readers a special 15% off discount anything in her shop through May 15 using the code JannyOrganically at checkout!

Baby's First Year Journal

Baby Boy Bakery #redballoonsforryan - janny: organically.

Those who aren't familiar with Jacqui Saldana, from Baby Boy Bakery, well, you're missing out. This amazing Mama just had her second child after tragically losing her first born son, Ryan, last year at the age of 3. I started following Jacqui and Ryan on instagram before tragedy struck and witnessed the power of social media coming together to support their family through such an unimaginable time in their life.

She was even surprised by Ellen as a guest on her show, which is the first time I've ever seen Ellen cry on her show, and I was bawling right along side her.

Ryan still lives on through Jacqui's writing and activities - the woman has collaborated on shoes, baby wraps, she even offers a subscription now for parents to receive monthly recipes, how-to's and custom tools to cook with your kids in the kitchen, but my favorite is the recent release of her Baby Journal.

It is the sleekest baby book around yet still has plenty of room and envelopes for hospital tags or locks of your child's hair and tons of questions and "baby's firsts". She included baby facial reaction stickers to include on the "Likes/Dislikes" page as your baby tries new foods.

Baby Boy Bakery - Baby Journal - Mama Must Haves - janny: organically.
Baby Boy Bakery - Baby Journal - Mama Must Haves - janny: organically.

I think she designed something truly special and meaningful and any mother would love this book to document everything precious, silly, sad and everything in between that happens during the first year of baby's life! You can buy the book here for $29.99.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, all who desire motherhood and to those who have lost a child, you're in my prayers more than you know.