March [Green Beauty] Madness

It's apparently basketball season...I mean, I live near the Warriors who are having a record-breaking season, or so I'm told. My husband is excited, so that's fun. Me on the other hand, I'm just geeking out over some newbies in my green beauty arsenal.

Moroccan Beldi Soap  - Kahina Giving Beauty

I'm a big fan of Kahina Giving Beauty and I've spoken about the Moroccan women she works with and how their signatures are incorporated onto her label, so I was excited to try their new cleansing soap. Beldi (meaning "authentic" or "traditional" in Moroccan) Soap is saponified pure olive oil scented with eucalyptus.

It is a Moroccan specialty and tradition to apply liberally over the face and body as a masque, leaving it on for 3 minutes before rinsing.The body is then scrubbed with a Kessa Mitt and removes so much excess dead skin, you will be amazed - even if you dry brush regularly!

The eucalyptus scent and sensation is invigorating, so it's perfect for a morning shower, and even though I use it in the evening, it doesn't keep me up at night if you were concerned about that! You can use it in place of regular body soap or wash when you cleanse/exoliate and believe me, you'll feel lighter, cleaner and cooler than ever!

You can pick it up from Integrity Botanicals here!

You might now by now I'm not a big lip stick gal. I don't dress up much, so my make-up routine is pretty low key, so I prefer a tinted balm to provide adequate moisture with a hint of color. I tried Kari Gran's lip whip a few weeks ago and was instantly hooked. You can add a little for subtle color or a more for a true pop of color. With either level of application, the whip is nurturing your lips with ingredients like:

  • Beeswax - anti-inflammatory and moisture lock
  • Camelia oil - restores and rejuvinates
  • Olive and Sunflower oil - moisturize
  • Calendula - anti-inflammatory and soothes irritation

My daily go-to choices have been Jolene, which is a brighter fuchsia tint and features peppermint for a cooling sensation (and yes I sing the song every time I see the name!) and Cinnamon Tinted - which has a light pink tint.

WOD AID Pain Stick - From Kosmatology

I've been totally and completely out of my work out groove since I got pregnant in 2012 and began a rough time for me physically. Over the past year as my health has gotten back on track, it has been harder to find the time (or right time) to work out, but now Sawyer is in pre-school a couple mornings a week and I can simply walk next door to work out after I drop her off. No excuses.

But, getting back into the swing of things brings sore muscles, so I'm glad I had my WOD Pain Stick handy for these minor aches. I love that this comes in a stick and not in a squeeze tube as it makes for easier application and I don't have to worry about it leaking in my bag (just don't subject it to high heat or it will melt).

The stick cools and calms the muscles upon application - good ole menthol! The ingredients are simple but effective on sore muscles and minor arthritis:

  • Menthol:  Provides cooling and soothing relief to sore muscles and minor arthritis.  Menthol replaces the pain message transmitted by the nerves with a cooling sensation providing temporary relief.
  • Shea Butter:  Reduces swelling and muscle tension.  Shea contains a plant sterol called Stigmasterol which can aid by relaxing muscles and easing swelling.
  • White Willow Bark:  Provides pain relief and reduces inflammation.  White willow bark contains a compound called salicin.  Salicin is a natural aspirin compound which can reduce inflammation and provide pain relief to sore muscles, minor arthritis and lower back pain.
  • Rosemary:  Increases circulation and reduces inflammation.  Rosemary contains anti-inflammatory compounds that can lessen inflammation and provide pain relief.  Rosemary also increases blood circulation which helps the body heal itself quicker.

Available from along with a Hand Therapy and Tear Repair for you intense worker-outers! Kosmatology also features a line of lotion, soap, sanitizer, bug repellent and body wash!

Eye Serum - True Nature Botanicals

A proper eye serum is a must-have in any mommy's beauty cabinet. I prioritize sleep more than most people, but I still need help reducing some under the eye puffiness. This serum is so potent, you hardly need one drop to drench areas of concern in the healing oils.

The eye area is sensitive and delicate, so True Nature worked to ensure the ingredients were gentle yet effective. Eye Serums were never something I had my "eye" on, as I embrace the laugh lines around the area. However, I recently noticed how much older my face looked and I was reminded how important it is to be proactive in the caring of our skin before there is a problem. And there is a difference between laugh lines and wrinkly skin which has lost or is losing elasticity.

This serum has been formulated to reduce puffiness and dark circles, increase circulation and tighten the skin with ingredients such as:

  • Green Tea Seed Oil
  • Evening Primrose Seed Oil
  • Avocado Seed Oil
  • Carrot Seed Oil
  • Rosehip Seed Oil
  • Blackberry Seed Oil
  • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (from Coconuts)
  • Vitamin E,
  • Tuberose Stem Cells

It launches Tuesday, March 15th and has become a daily necessity! Here's to aging gracefully! You can grab it here!

Healthy Hoo-Hoo Feminine Products

Did you know 99% of breast cancer tissue samples contains parabens? We talk a lot about green beauty and skin care, but little about vaginal care. The skin in and around the vaginal area is more permeable than other skin, making it one of the fastest gateways to the bloodstream. Pharmaceutical companies produce topical prescriptions for vaginal application specifically because it is such a reliable delivery mechanism and absorption results are systematically higher than if the same dosage is taken orally.

This means we better be sure we're washing our lady parts with a gentle cleanser free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and fragrance. Not only that, one that doesn't disrupt the ever-important pH balance of the vaginal area.

I haven't had a recommendation outside a gentle cleanser body wash until now. Healthy Hoo-Hoo has developed line of cleansers free of harsh chemicals designed to naturally cleanse our girlie parts without disrupting the natural biological process. The cleansers are gentle while removing odor causing bacteria, pH balanced to match the sensitive vulvovagainal area and paraben/sulfate/pthalate/fragrance-FREE!

Please ditch the toxic Summer's Eve (and everything like it) and replace it with Healthy Hoo-Hoo. Remember, the vagina itself is self-cleansing do not cleanse past the vaginal opening and do not douche!! If there is any odor or discharge coming from inside the vagina that concerns you, it may be a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis and needs attention. I'd recommend some additional reading here and here about how to address thisbefore picking up any Monistat or Nystatin!

Healthy Hoo-Hoo is available on Amazon and will be sporting a MADE-SAFE seal this spring!

W3LL People's Bio Correct Concealer

A new concealer has hit the shelves - flown off the shelves is more like it because people can't stop raving about it. What's so special about it? Well, for starters, it has a creamy texture, yet is perfectly spreadable so you don't get that plastered concealer look over the sections you apply it. It also has the ability to brighten and reduce redness and dark circles. Technically, I believe this is meant to be used for the eyes, but it makes for a perfect spot corrector.

I like this as a concealer better than the others I've tried even though it only comes in 4 colors. I was skeptical about the Medium color matching me, because I'm more yellow and it looked a little pink...yet it blended in perfectly and is my go-to for covering necessary spots before applying my Gressa Foundation Serum.

If you have used W3LL People's Narcissist Stick, use this color chart to match your foundation color. For reference, I match with #5.


  • Fair - pairs with Narcissist 0, 1 & 2
  • Light - pairs with Narcissist 2 & 3
  • Medium - pairs with Narcissist 4 & 5
  • Medium Dark - pairs with Narcissist 6

See which colors are in stock at Integrity Botanicals, The Detox Market or Follain!

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