Flowerevolution: The Lotus Wei Book

Many of you may already be familiar with LOTUSWEI, a flower alchemy leader whose Anointing Oils are a favorite of mine.

The founder of LOTUSWEI, Katie Hess, travels worldwide to seek out flowers that reduce stress, improve stress and accelerate personal growth. Her flower-power comes in the form of elixirs, perfumes, mists and serums. 

Recently, Katie released her book, Flowerevolution, which explains how flowers can be used to help us with stress, fatigue, imbalance and reconnecting in this busy, technology-filled world. The guidebook is full of images and information about flowers, in fact, 48 of us bloggers are highlighting one flower featured in the book.

Flowerevolution: The Lotus Wei Book

Mine is:


Flowerevolution: The Lotus Wei Book

Activate: Spontaneity. Message: Spice up your life.

Everything about the Nasturtium is to be adored: the brightly-colored petals, the elegant leaves that are shaped like miniature lily pads and its fierce whimsical essence with a touch of fierceness. If you’re attracted to the Nasturtium flower, you may feel that life has become too routine, plain or ordinary. When life begins to feel routine, boring or bland, Nasturtium flowers spice up life! The Nasturtium flower elixir enhances joy and contentment, and makes us feel like we’re in the right place at the right time. It enhances spontaneity, highlights our strengths and helps us refine our unique way of being. Dancing to our own beat never felt so good!

Check out a sneak peek of the book here and then follow the flower ring to Tina Rudolf.

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