Josh Rosebrook Discovers the Missing "X-Factor" in Clean Beauty Fragrance

If you've been on the hunt for a clean perfume free of synthetic and harmful ingredients, this is the day you've been waiting for.

Most of you you know my love for all things Josh Rosebrook. The brand he's created is based on purity, integrity and performance. So, obviously, my expectations were high when he told me he was working on developing a fragrance. And boy, did he deliver. 

I have tried numerous "clean beauty" fragrances yet they last only 30-90 minutes, smell like a simple or overdone essential oil blend and/or give me a headache the way a conventional perfumes do. 

As someone with chemical sensitivities, I get overwhelmed with nausea just walking down a hallway even an hour after a someone who'd walked through wearing perfume. If you don't already know, fragrances do not come with full ingredient lists in order to protect their proprietary formula. Unfortunately, some may include substances that may not make it so "clean." So even though I don't get a full ingredient list, my body can tell whether or not it's clean. 

I'm happy to report Ethereal passes the test. Josh's fragrance is produced with all certified organic essential oils, resins and absolutes in a base of certified organic grape alcohol. 

Not only is it pure, but if you've tried natural perfumes, you know they all seem to be missing that "X factor" the high-end perfumes have. Well, Josh figured it out and delivered all X, Y and Z factors!

The fragrance of Ethereal is definitely unisex as it suited both my husband and I separately. (He loved it by the way!Ethereal was based off the fragrance from his Hydrating Accelerator (which to me, smells like cream soda) so the similarity I find is with the subtle sweetness layered within the many facets of the scent. Though the sweetness seemed to get a bit more prominent on me the longer I wore it, it doesn't overtake the scent.

It's bold, it's gentle, it's earthy, it's creamy, it's elegant...and not overly anything. It's amazing. 

That's really going to be the best description you're going to get from me. You're going to have to trust Josh and believe me and the others who got to sample the perfume that it really is this good!

Yesterday I wore the perfume and it lasted a full 8 hours before I jumped in the probably would have lasted longer, but I like to get ready for bed before the sun goes down ;)

Ethereal happens to be one of my favorite words too. It's one of those words you don't use too often as you don't want to overuse and dampen the meaning. Well, it's a perfect selection for the scent and I'm so thrilled the rest of the world gets to experience it as well! 

A special Q&A with the genius behind Ethereal on launch day!!

What inspired you to create a Josh Rosebrook perfume?

Playing intuitively with essential oils is an incredible experience, it just puts you in a trance and heightens your senses. This fragrance really was inspired by the josh rosebrook customer who kept requesting a fragrance product that contained the aroma of the Hydrating Accelerator. 

Natural scent is evocative, intimate and develops our identity with our reality. 

Our olfactory sense is deeply connected to our primal brain and triggers our memory, desires and dopamine, feel -good chemicals.  Working with natural fragrance, essential oils, resins and absolutes is so mysterious and layered with emotion, sense, memory and intuition. All I really want to do is make more perfumes!

How did you arrive at this particular scent and were there any surprises along the way?

I knew I wanted a truly balanced, gender neutral aroma for all people to connect with and love. Finding the soft, but hearty, the light but deep, the sweet, and a bit of sensual commingling that could wear for all people was what resonated with me most. My team and I narrowed it down to eight different versions of this formula. Number seven was my final choice that wouldn’t stop “speaking” to me, out of the eight. 

It was the week that Prince died and when I was considering each fragrance, the melody for his song 7 would not stop running through my mind. I’m very intuitive and this was a sign i could not deny, and number seven was already my favorite. I could have called the fragrance ’seven,’ but that would be too personal. This fragrance is about IT’S experience and it is for everybody.

They say smell is the strongest sense tied to memory. What does this scent remind you of?

It’s nostalgic scent and evokes a lot for me. Truth, passion, service, compassion, desire, and prosperity come to mind. Ethereal will always remind me of 2016. It’s been a great year and I’m grateful.

*Update: You can also purchase it now from Integrity Botanicals!