Leahlani Skincare: The Launch You've Been Waiting For

The highly anticipated launch day for Leahlani's new skincare additions has finally arrived! Bloggers, beauty enthusiasts and Leah fans alike have been eagerly awaiting her countdown announcing each new member of the skincare family. 


That's really what you feel you're a part of when you experience Leah's dreamy small-batch, esthetician-crafted products. Not only does her skin care line bring radical change and enhancement to your beauty routine, but her passion, love and intent behind every product comes through as you use it. And Leah's trade really is a family affair; her mother creates organic and natural soap on the island of Kauai, and her sister designed the incredible watercolor branding for her new look! 

Beautiful packaging full of coconut kisses and mermaid wishes straight from the island of Kauai

Beautiful packaging full of coconut kisses and mermaid wishes straight from the island of Kauai

Charlie, Sawyer and I got to spend some quality time with Leah and her family during our 10 day trip to Kauai in September. We got to devour some organic Japanese-Style shave ice (multiple times), go to the Hanalei Bay farmer's market (where Sawyer danced for hours and demonstrated to everyone how to smell and apply Leah's products) and even watch the sunset after some incredible sushi....Leah's mom would later go swimming after dark where she'd seen some sharks - some courage I will never have! 

Leahlani Skincare: The Launch You've Been Waiting For - janny: organically.
That ball...sorry, I'm a mom and Sawyer handed it to me right before the picture, ha! Love this girl!

That ball...sorry, I'm a mom and Sawyer handed it to me right before the picture, ha! Love this girl!

Sawyer confirming some logistics about Leahlani Skincare

Sawyer confirming some logistics about Leahlani Skincare

Leahlani Skincare: The Launch You've Been Waiting For - janny: organically.
Kauai is not complete without a mermaid mask on location!

Kauai is not complete without a mermaid mask on location!

Sawyer and I enjoyed a mermaid mask sesh on the island and the necklace you see is a Endemic Scallop Shell - or - Sunrise Shell, a rare and special gift found only on the beaches of Hawaii, and given to me by Leah after her darling husband fashioned it into jewelry! It's impossible to deny the love abounding from these folks as they quite literally are glowing with grace, gratitude and humility. They really light up my life!

I look forward to each time I use Leah's products so it was like a Christmas-extension when I received 6 of her new products to play with on New Years eve! 

Bless - Beauty Balm

If you have had any experience with Leah, you've undoubtably heard the word "bless" emerge fro her lips (or fingertips). What a perfect name for this balm, a true representation of Leah herself - the most authentic and grounded woman you'll ever meet who sweetens and softens the lives of everyone she meets. I don't say this lightly, Leah is truly a blessing in my life and I'm honored to call her my friend.

The Bless Balm is a waterless and concentrated face balm featuring organic butters of shea and cocoa infused with organic, cold-pressed oils organ, camellia seed, maracuja, moringa, and marula. The balm is further complimented by the incredible scents orange blossom and blue tansy alongside passionflower, neroli, rosehip fruit and rose clay. 

So what does this magic balm do? It soothes and softens like by delivering unparalleled softness for your skin, even your lips. It can even remove your make-up! The scent is to die for!

Kalima - Coconut Cream Cleansing Powder

A coconut cream cleansing powder and a quick favorite over here! With ingredients like coconut milk, bentonite, rose and kaolin clays, guava, banana and camu camu fruit, hibiscus flower and vanilla, tangerine and mandarin oils, you can just imagine how supreme this scent must be - it's even better! Just pour a little 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon of Kalima into your palm and slowly add water, drop by drop, until you reach the idea consistency. Blend until frothy and massage into moist skin in circular motions. Rinse with warm water after waiting up to 2 minutes!

Kalima is a powerhouse of vitamin C and great for acne prone skin, including post inflammatory pigmentation. And did I mention the smells is absolute perfection?!

Meli Glow - Illuminating Nectar Mask

What is a Leahlani launch without a new product my daughter wants to lick off my face? This organic hawaiian honey mask is packed with enzyme and vitamin rich wildcrafted fruits, nutrient dense beauty oils and skin moisturizing hyaluronic acid and stimulating clays all to hydrate your skin and bring about a healthy complexion with a, well, glow.

You can see strawberry seeds floating around this honey pool and smells of yummy dried fruit strips that my daughter begs for, no wonder she wants to eat it! Mixing Meli GLOW with the Coconut Cream Cleanser (Kalima) is my new nightly ritual. The smell, the exfoliation, the cleansing - all of it leaves your face positively radiant.

Citrus and Citrine - Regenerating Toner

If you love the smell of citrus - orange, mandarin, tangerine, lemon and grapefruit - you will want to drink this skin brightening toner. Applied generously to the skin before applying serum or balm, this toner helps energize, purify and tighten - a great formula for mature and oily skin types. 

Each bottle contains a citrine gemstone along with other skin food like aloe vera, hawaiian sea salt with ale volcanic clay, witch hazel, radish root and turmeric. Good gravy, this lady knows a thing or two about combining nature's medicine!

Mahina - Evening Replenishing Elixir

Looking for a youthful radiance? Mahina is a serum with potent youth enhancing oils of moringa, marl and prickly pear seed paired with Vitamin A rich carrot seed oil and antioxidant and omega oil rich chia seed - all working together to tone, replenish and soften the skin while you sleep. This potion also contains 3 different types of vanilla beans making the scent as sweet as you can get...in fact, I told Leah it reminded me of something from my childhood but I couldn't put my finger on it - she quickly guessed it - an Orange Julius! Just, you know, the non-toxic kind. 

Kokoleka - Ritual Dessert Facial Mask and Brush

An antioxidant and superfood dessert for your face blended with Molokai black sea salt with activated charcoal, black tango clay and organic cacao all working together to detoxify and feed the skin, rejuvenate cellular tissue (slow that aging!), balance hydration and mineral levels and fortify against free radical damage while helping repair and rebuild skin cells!

Yes please! This house is all about the masks, and this one delivers! It promotes circulation and leaves the skin feeling freshly hydrated, yet chocolate-y. 

Let's not forget about the Leahlani classics, just with a design makeover, the cult-favorite Mermaid mask (every beauty routine needs this), the ever enchanting, brightening and anti-aging Siren Serum and my husband's personal favorite (nothing can compare) the hydrating and balancing happy-hour-for-your-skin Champagne Serum. You can read my previous reviews on them here.

You can shop the entire collection directly from Leah at Leahlaniskincare.com beginning Wednesday, January 6th! A special launch code will give you a discount upon checkout from now until Friday the 8th - code: LEAHLANILAUNCH

If you aren't a part of the Leahlani family already, come experience the magic!....if you are, well, by the time you read this, you've probably already placed an order ;)