Osmia Organics: What Your Sensitive Skins Dreams Of...and The First Beauty Hero of 2016!

'Clean Beauty' isn't always straight forward, and in coming months, I'll be discussing how brands are set apart by ingredients, processes, sourcing and mission. But, spoiler alert, Osmia Organics is a winner on all fronts and a brand you can entrust with your sensitive and reactive skin.

The founder, Dr. Sarah Villafranco was an emergency room doctor who took a soap making class and decided to share her creations with the world. Even though she is not in the ER anymore, she feels as though she is 'practicing a broader medicine now' as she helps people make better choices about their skin care and ultimately their health. Osmia means, after all, sense of smell, so the aromatics in their products are made with utmost care and attention while encouraging customers to stop and smell and take notice of everything around them. 

Not only does Sarah and her team source the purest of ingredients, her line includes no synthetics, fillers, ethoxylated emulsifiers or harmful preservatives.  In fact, Osmia not only prioritizes ingredients over cost, but a great deal of thought goes into their environmentally conscious packaging. 

We have always chosen the most environmentally considerate packaging possible for each product, while ensuring that the product is presented beautifully and protected from oxidation and contamination. It’s a very tricky balance to strike, and one that is constantly shifting. Just like the cloth versus disposable diapers debate, there are multiple issues to consider – we may choose glass packaging for something, but glass is heavier to ship, and uses more fuel to get where it’s going. What I can promise is that I’m thinking about it all, and making a conscious, considered decision for each product. Our airless pumps are a great example. They’re not the most beautiful pumps out there, but they don’t have a metal spring in them (almost all airless pumps do), so they will actually get recycled at the sorting facility. Again, what matters to me is that things GET recycled, not that we can say our packaging is “recyclable” without making sure that’s really true.
— Sarah Villafranco, Osmia Organics, interview with Beauty Heroes

I have been a fan of their body oil and body soap, available in yummy scents for everyone to enjoy. Sarah and her team are truly a joy to partner with and if you follow Sarah's Instagram page, you might be inspired to run more or take up Yoga....but she hasn't passed the bug on to me yet, you'll only catch me running if someone is about to eat the last of my organic, gluten-free peach cobbler pie. 

2016's First Beauty Heroes

So without further delay, I introduce the first Beauty Heroes of 2016: Top sellers from this incredible brand, Osmia Organics!

Subscribers will get a full sizes of: Black Clay Facial Soap and Purely Simple Face Cream along with a Soap Saver and sample of their newest product, the Nectar Vital Rose Drops Face Serum

The Black Clay Facial Soap is a loved product because it was originally developed by Sarah as part of her effort to help mitigate her perioral dermatitis, so it is a great pick for problem skin. The minerals and protein from the Australian black clay and pure Dead Sea mud draw water to the skin and soften the appearance of flaky spots and fine lines by plumping up the little skin cells. The mud also acts as a mild exfoliant and toner, the coconut milk cleanses gently while providing antioxidants and mild antibacterial action.

Other ingredients like Mango butter and avocado oil give plenty of fatty acids and vitamins.  All work together for a deep, gentle and nourishing cleansing experience.

You don't get much more pure and simple than the face cream designed by Osmia, which I would suppose is why they call it Purely Simple. This face cream is what sensitive skin dreams of - a cream with organic aloe juice to soothe irritation and vegetable glycerin to retain moisture. It is the perfect partner to the Black Clay Facial Soap to nourish problematic skin. 

Beauty Heroes is also providing a soap saver dish to house the Facial Soap, whether it's in your shower or on your sink! And the face serum sample can be used in combination with the Face Cream and is a lovely bonus to an already beautiful, clean box!

If you have already subscribed to Beauty Heroes, look out for this box in coming days, if you have not, you can subscribe here to receive these contents from Osmia Organics!

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