Genetic Testing and Interpretation

Studies about DNA and Epigenetics are advancing more and more every day. With a simple saliva test, we can open so many doors to our genetic make-up, ancestry and health conditions. 

These DNA tests not only reveal predispositions to certain diseases, but the science behind it can help us conquer the diseases with proper supplements and avoiding specific ingredients and environmental factors. 

Luckily, my doctor has become a local expert in epigenetics and will be going over my results with me as well as my followers LIVE via Periscope on Thursday, October 1st  at approximently 2:30 to 3:30 PM Pacific Time. This is generally considered a private appointment, but in typical janny: organically. fashion, you get to participate, be a fly on the wall and be able to get your own testing done!

I want to give you a window into what type of information is available to you and your loved ones. Perhaps you or someone close to you has a chronic condition not fully understood and this could help. Maybe you want to ensure you are supplementing your family properly or want to be aware of what types of illness you are prone to. 

As an ambassador for healthy living, I advocate for everyone to continually educate themselves with the resources available. Genetic testing is available to everyone and the benefit is phenomenal. 

After you watch my periscope, if you are intrigued enough to receive your own testing, you can do so here:

  • Order the kit(s) from 23andme 
    • $199 for the first kit, and 20% off additional kits in the first order ($99 for ancestry only)
  • Schedule an appointment with my doctor, Dr. Young, for 6-8 weeks out after you mail the kit back (the appointment can be done remotely over the phone!)
    • $165 per kit interpretation (30 minutes)
  • Link your 23andme account details with Genetic Genie (free) to receive your methylation and detox profiles
  • Link your 23andme account to Metabolic healing ($37) to receive more information than Genetic Genie provides including:
    • GI Health Genetics
    • Brain Health Genetics
    • Heart Health Genetics
    • Detoxification Genetics
    • Methylation Genetics
    • Mitochondiral Genetics
    • Immune-Related Genetics
    • Clotting Factor Genetics
    • Vitamin A Metabolism Genetics
    • Thyroid Factor Genetics
    • Estrogen Metabolism Genetics
    • Smallpox Vaccine Adverse Events

As a special exception for my readers, you do not need to be an established patient of Dr. Young's, so make sure you mention me when scheduling your appointment. You are only be responsible for her hourly fees. 

Again, try to catch me live on periscope:

  • Download the periscope app
  • Follow me (jannyorganically) and turn on the notifications so it will alert you when I am live
  • You do not need to watch live, though you can participate with comments during the live broadcast, but the video will only be available for 24 hours after airing

If you were not able to tune in within 24 hours - don't worry! The videos are available on YouTube:

Doctor Appointment Replay