Dear Kate, I'm a Fan

Dear Kate, I'm a fan: All about leak-proof underwear technology! - janny: organically. #dearkate #leakproof #periodproblems #pms #pregnancy

My last post was a bit heavy, so if you want, we can lighten the mood by talking about my underwear.

You will not find me more excited to talk about underwear then right now. When a chemical engineer designs your undies, you know you are in for something crazy unique; like a special fabric, called Underlux, which is wicking, stain-releasing, and leak-resistant, yet still silky soft and breathable.

In simple terms: They hold up to 3 teaspoons of liquid, so you can forgo back up pads during your period (or excessive laughter) and don't need to worry about stains.

I told you I only write about things I love and I guess I need to explain why I do. Dear Kate and I have quite a history together. Have a read, be ready for some TMI and then a chance to win a 3-piece set!

This revolutionary invention saved my butt – literally and figuratively.  In late, 2012, I was halfway through my pregnancy and read a Mashable article about how Dear Kate's leak resistant underwear provides peace of mind for menstruating and pregnant women. I bought a few pairs anticipating some upcoming incontinence closer to delivery time....I mean, I already can't do jumping jacks without needing to pee. Unfortunately for me, I developed a hemorrhoid so large and painful we had to do surgery (on Christmas Eve!) and I bled for 3 weeks.

This was literally the only time my child has been a pain in my ass. 

My Dear Kate package arrived the day after my surgery and I heard angels singing. Instead of having to wear mesh underwear with overnight pads for a month straight, I got to wear pretty undies that kept everything around me safe from my recovery process. I wore my Dear Kate undies 24/7 from surgery day until several weeks after the delivery of my baby girl (that's 5 months for anyone doing the math). And here I am almost 2 and 1/2 years later and I still wear them every month right before and during my cycle, when I work out (both times!) and when we travel (hey you never know when your bladder is going to get stepped on by a toddler).

Now, I should clarify that these are not meant to replace tampons, but to act as a back up level of protection for leaking. It is also a fairly common practice for girls to skip school during their period for not only for pain but for embarrassment with leaks. I mean, who among us doesn't choose their clothes and underwear differently during the rougher period days?

Have you ever started your period in the early morning hours and leapt out of bed to make sure you don't ruin your underwear, pants and bedding? Every now and again I'll get that sensation but I stay comfortably in bed because I know I'm safe in my Dear Kate's. Not having to leap out of bed for an emergency clean up is a benefit I'm not willing to give up if I don't have to.

Because I love Dear Kate undies so much, they are offering one of my readers a 3-piece set of their brand new Billies: 2 pairs of underwear with a matching bralette in your choice of color (and size of course).

To enter, leave a comment below about why you'd like to win!  You will get bonus entries for tweeting, pinning or instagramming this blog post. Just tag me or comment with the link!  For even more entries, check out my instagram feed for more chances! (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)

Dear Kate offers discounts for buying multiples:


The Ada's are my personal favorite. They even feature yoga and dancewear!

Note: Dear Kate encourages the women who can to use a menstrual cup, which I have happen to agree with. The menstrual cup is just as comfortable as a tampon, holds more fluid, does not contain any toxic chemicals or pesticides like conventional tampons, is environmentally and budget friendly since it is reusable. If you haven't tried it yet, I know it can sound gross, but it is seriously life-changing! I wrote about it here if you are interested in learning more about tampon/pad toxicity and the cup!