A Near Tragic Day - Anchoring Furniture is Important!

A Near Tragic Day - Anchoring Furniture is Important! - janny: organically.  #ikea #recall

Three days ago my neighbor saw this chest of drawers in Sawyer's room and asked if it was from IKEA. Indeed it is. She told me about a recall that had recently hit the news stating they had toppled over and crushed two children to death because they had not been anchored to the wall.


The company is issuing wall-anchor kits to anyone who needs them.  Sawyer is a climber but she has never climbed up the drawers, so I filled out the form for the anchors and left it at that. 

While I rarely leave Sawyer alone, she has always been great at independent play, and she was enthralled with washing her Lamby in her kitchen sink while I left her room to go make her bottle for nap time. 

I heard her say "Lamby, lamby, lamby" and assumed she was talking to, well, Lamby. Unfortunately, my assumption was incorrect. She wanted her "back-up" Lamby which was in the top drawer of that IKEA chest. 

I heard a loud crash and I ran to her room. It took me all of two full seconds to reach the door. Two agonizing seconds where I didn't hear her cry or yell and my mind raced as to what could have possibly fallen on her.

I heard no noise because she was inhaling the whole time before she let out a loud cry as I grabbed her asking her if she had an owie, did she get hit, what hurt?! All she could say was "Lamby! Lamby!" 

If you look closely at the picture, Lamby is stuck under the drawers (A place Sawyer could very easily have been) and she was hysterical until we rescued her. 

This chest is HEAVY. I knocked on a couple neighbors doors to help but no one was home. It took me about 15 minutes to get the drawers out and get it back standing up. I put an ottoman in front of it for the time being. 

This could have been tragic. I have no idea where she was when the chest began to fall, but she could have been crushed between the bed and the chest - I'm still shaking and I nearly sweat through my shirt.

I don't blame IKEA. We didn't anchor this chest to the wall because we weren't certain of it's location. Lesson learned? I'd rather have 5,000 holes in the wall from moving it multiple times then go through this, or worse again. Everything else in her room is anchored, I'm disappointed we put her in that situation.

I know this child was protected despite our lack of immediate action. I thankful I'm writing about this outcome instead of something truly worse. 

Please anchor your furniture! Let this serve as a reminder. It can happen so quickly! Please share to ensure everyone gets this information!

You can request anchor kits for your IKEA furniture here