Hangable Non-Toxic Cups: Fill'er Up!

Ok so I know I may seem a little cup crazy lately, but these Puj PhillUp cups are worth talking about! We still use and love our Pura Kiki bottles/sippies on the go and for nap/bed time since they do not leak, but since Sawyer is transitioning to "big kid" things, she is super excited about these!

The cups in our home are glass and since I'm not quite ready to give a 2 year old a glass cup, these bright, hanging cups caught my attention.

Puj PhillUp Hanging Kids Cups - janny: organically.

What a nifty idea! Not only do these cups hang safely and don't wobble around dangerously if you choose to put them on your refrigerator door, but they are color coordinated to help kids keep track of whose is whose! My daughter loves the fact that each cup has it's home and is anxioua to put her cups on the hook even between sips!

They are made with silicone and food-safe polypropylene so you do not need to worry about any toxic components like BPA, BPS or Phthalates. 

The hooks come with an adhesive stick that can be attached to glass, metal, tile and fiber glass without damaging the surface.

We generally use at least 2 cups a day: one for water and one for milk or a smoothie and since we don't run our dishwasher every day, we opted for the family 4-pack. This also helps ensure we have enough cups to go around in case our little visitors need a drink!

Puj PhillUp Hanging Kids Cups - janny: organically.

We recommend you give them a try for a young child or transitioning toddler; we've been using with great success (and excitement) over here!