A Husband's Prayer Over SB277

A Husband's Prayer of SB277 | janny: organically. #sb277 #hearus #vaccines

Today has been discouraging with the Governor passing SB277 in California, making the entire vaccine schedule mandatory for all children hoping for a private or public school education.

This means even if your child has all vaccines, except, say, Hepatitis-B, since they are not sexually active or using drugs at age 6, they cannot attend school and you will be forced to vaccinate or homeschool. 

I've been reading and researching this topic non-stop since I became pregnant in July, 2012, so the bill signing today was felt like getting pushed under water after having held my breath for 3 years. It was end of one battle, and yes the beginning of another, but I felt momentarily beat up after being so invested in this process from the beginning. 

I know this fight is not over. There are appeals and lawsuits and rallies and, and, and....

I know my faith is not in the leaders of this country, but in Christ alone. But today I was unsettled and on the verge of tears. 

I asked my husband to pray for me at the end of the day, and after he was finished I asked him to write it out. We both wished we would have recorded it. This isn't the exact same prayer but our hope is that it gives peace to anyone else who may need it right now. 

A Husband's Prayer of SB277 | janny: organically. #sb277 #hearus #vaccines

Charlie's prayer

Father God -

I pray that my wife and people like her would fix her eyes on you, would recognize your sovereignty, would see your glory, for you are the Alpha and Omega, the mighty counselor, the Prince of Peace.  There is truly nothing beyond you, nothing beneath you, nothing to small or too large to escape your attention or concern or control.

We’d be foolish to think you couldn’t change anything in an instant...and in all your glory and majesty, you declare us brothers and sisters.  That we are the sons and daughters of God and that all creation waits for you to reveal us.  We wait eagerly for that day when all things will come into the light and every knee will bow to you.   

Lord, while we struggle with the world around us and the country we live in; that the leaders who are supposed to serve us who may or may not do so authentically or righteously, we look to you, our King, our Lord.  Not just the suffering servant willing to come to this earth to endure agony and death on our behalf, but we see you as the conquering King…the one who is and is yet to come, the one who will rule, who will save us, who will wipe every tear from every eye, who through trial and tribulation will draw the world to you.  

Our hope is in the resurrection of the dead.  WE look to you.  WE recognize that in this nation are your people…people who are called according to your purpose and who all things are working together for good. We know that even if you found a few, you would not destroy the city, and yet you have many here.  So we ask that you would come on our behalf, defend us, redeem us, provide for us. 

We recognize that our daughter is in your hands, that we can trust you with her, that your plan is better than our plan. We care far more for her spiritual health than her physical healthThat if any needles need to be stuck in any of our arms in obedience to you, that you are worthy of itThat you are worthy of dying for

I ask that you bring comfort and peace to those in distress. That you allow our gaze to set on you, beholding your value and that we might discard all other thing for that joy.

We pray this in the name of Jesus, the savior of the world, who willingly died a death on a cross and rose again, defeating sin and death.


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