New Product Review: Dr. Bronner's Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

New Product Review: Dr. Bronner's Fluoride-Free Toothpaste - janny: organically. #fluoridefree #drbronners #magicsoap

Dr. Bronner's fans - rejoice - the fluoride-free toothpaste is here and it is nothing short of what we have come to expect form this magic-soap company. They were kind enough to send me all three flavors of their brand new toothpaste to try out!

For those of you who don't know, Dr. Bronner's, a NSF Certified Company, is most known for creating high-quality, sustainable, fair-trade and eco-friendly soaps with certified organic and Non-GMO ingredients. 

Dr. Bronner created the company with a mission of peace in mind - his peace plan, along with a commitment against genetically engineered ingredients are displayed on the labels of his products. The liquid and bar castile soap is among our favorite Dr. Bronner's products, until now. 

Your teeth are the best friends you've got; when you take care of them, they take care of you. While you want to take care of your teeth in terms of plaque, bacteria and cavity protection, we've come to learn this can be done without abrasive, carcinogenic, hormone disrupting and toxic ingredients in leading conventional brands like Crest, Colgate, Aquafresh and Sensodyne. 

{Ingredients to avoid would be: Polyethylene Glycol, Polyethene, Triclosan, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, PEG-8, Sodium Fluoride or Dimethicone to name a few}

Dr. Bronner's toothpaste is crafted with non-toxic ingredients, yet still fights against plaque and leaves your teeth clean and fresh without using synthetic flavors or foaming detergents. 

And yes, it is fluoride-free. While the conclusions about fluoride's risks or benefits may not be absolute on either end, those who have concerns got some validation this past month when the government lowered the fluoride levels in drinking water for the first time since 1962. Opponents still believe there are substantial risks to fluoride (with no benefit) and would like fluoride removed completely. Personally, we use a fluoride and arsenic filter on our water system at least keep our drinking water in the home fluoride-free.

New Product Review: Dr. Bronner's Fluoride-Free Toothpaste - janny: organically. #fluoridefree #drbronners #magicsoap

Back to the toothpaste: If you are a fan of Cinnamon, Peppermint or Anise, Dr. Bronner's uses Organic oils to achieve these intense and refreshing flavors. My favorite is Cinnamon and my hubby loves the Peppermint....which is good, we can't be fighting over tubes of toothpaste, especially since we keep them in different places in our bathroom. As for the black licorice Anise Flavor, I feel like the world is split into two people - those who love it and those who can't stand it. I can't stand it. 

My mother-in-law, however, loves the flavor, though she doesn't eat the candy anymore, so she was thrilled to try it out for me and she is thoroughly enjoying it. She said she was unsure about how she'd like the flavor as a toothpaste, but now looks forward to brushing her teeth just as much as my daughter does with her Chocolate Chip flavored toothpaste.

Speaking of kids, while I think this is the best and most affordable non-toxic toothpaste for adults, while my daughter is still swallowing most of her toothpaste, I prefer she not use this since it has carrageenan in it. Carrageenan is harmless as long as it is not ingested, and even if it wasn't among the list of ingredients, as a two-year old, I think these flavors would be too intense for her little tastebuds anyway.

UPDATE: Soon after this post was published, I received the following note from the Dr. Bronner's team: 

"...Just wanted to let you know that we have reformulated to remove carrageenan, and that the reformulated toothpastes should start showing up in stores within the next couple of months."

Even better!

I recommend giving Dr. Bronner's Toothpaste a go! You can purchase it at many grocer's including Whole Foods or it is available at Amazon as well:

For those interested in further fluoride reading, I have referenced this article in the past as it has the most consolidated information with links to sources you might find helpful.

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