Leahlani Skin Care: What's all the fuss about?

Leahlani Skin Care: What's all the fuss about? - janny: organically.

People can't keep their mugs off Instagram posing with this skin care line made by a Holistic Esthetician in Hawaii. No doubt I had to comb through all her items and ingredients before finally placing my order a couple months after I first heard about her.

Was I glad I did? You betcha. I have to thank the instagram community; so many people who have the same ingredient standards I do are sharing their finds and making it so easy! 

So, what can be said about Leahlani skin care that hasn't already been said? Let's see if I can fulfill that without actually reading them all. This skin care line is pure, tropical and delicious! Literally...see below.

Honey Love 3-In-1

If you don't like minimizing your cabinet, smelling incredible and being able to eat your cleanser, then move along, this is not for you. One container, 3 uses; a cleanser, exfoliator and mask. The ingredients? Raw Hawaiian Honey, Organic Flower Powders, Vitamin E & C, Essential Oils, and Corrundum Crystals. The crystals are there for you to summon by means of "Go-Go Gadget Exfoliation Activation." Or, you can just stir them up. I have been known to lick this off products off as far as my tongue can reach.

Champagne Serum

Leahlani surprised me by adding this to my order, and its turned out to be one of my favorites and definitely my husband's top pick! He walks around the house bragging about how amazing he smells. It is infused with potent antioxidants, Vitamin E & C, Rosehips and essential oils. It is super hydrating and nourishing, and I'm pretty sure its rejuvenating some facial elasticity! (I've been comparing my cheeks to my daughter's bouncy cheeks!)

Mermaid Mask

Just search #maskmonday on Instagram and you'll find half of the posts are featuring this gem. Well, why wouldn't they be, it is packed full of superfoods Spirulina, Sea Buckthorn, Raw Honey, Chlorella plus tantalizing botanicals. Do I eat this one too? Maybe. At the very least my face is well-fed, refreshed and brighter. Plus, who wouldn't want to take a bright green face selfie? Join the club!

Siren Serum

So maybe I don't want to admit that I'm going to be needing this anti-aging serum, so lets pretend I'm not using this. Oh wait, it also helps me not look tired on days when I don't get enough sleep the prior night! So, yeah, that's what I'm using it for. 

Perfume Oils

You want a non-toxic way to be reminded that you're not in Hawaii? Here here go! The scents are so tropical and fresh, I like to bring a little bit of the beach with me pretty much all the time, who wouldn't? 

Yes, the products are amazing, but their creator is too! She's such a sweetheart, she is from California but now lives in Hawaii...so basically she's just a few years ahead of me in location of residence. She makes fantastic facial products and I eat use them. Match made in Hawaii.

You can find Leahlani’s products here and take advantage of the promo code: JANNYORGANICALLY to get the discount she has graciously given my readers!

Enjoy! I know you will!