MAHALO: An Island Spa Treatment at Home

Recently I came across a wonderful line of organic skin care, handcrafted in Hawaii by a lovely team of eco-friendly enthusiasts. Their products are blended with organic botanicals, exotic super-oils, CO2 extracts, antioxidant-rich plant butters and earth minerals - without the nasties you know I can't stand like, preservatives, synthetics, parabens, chemicals and animal testing. As a lover of all things organic, non-toxic and beneficial for health, wellness and beauty, I was naturally intrigued.

In general, I use something once and immediately love it or hate it. If I love it, I use it continually for several weeks without any other product to see if it's the real deal or a crafty impostor. All three of my Mahalo skincare products passed the impostor test.

The first product I tried was the Pele Mask with volcanic ash and cayenne meant to detoxify, oxygenize, tighten and countless other benefits. I felt like I was glowing after I was done. Like, the good kind. Not like I was sweating after a work out. Speaking of, I should do that too....

I followed the mask by moisturizing with the Tamanu & Turmeric Multi-Balm all over my face and neck. And then my hands. And elbows. And toes. And then I went and rubbed it all over my husbands face. "Doesn't this feel amazing?!" 

This balm is L.E.G.I.T. Not only does it feel incredibly smooth and buttery, it promotes healthy cell growth, boosts circulation and calms inflammation, acne and redness. You can (and will want to) put it everywhere! Even as a diaper rash ointment! 

Since I had the Vitality Elixir as well, I patted it on my face a few moments after the balm application. The Elixir boasts ingredients like Chia, Black Cumin, Sea Buckthorn, Carrot and Turmeric, and omega-3s along with other vitamins and minerals meant to nourish and rejuvenate your skin.

I happened to have a couple of blemishes at the time and after both the mask and balm, my face was noticeably brighter and the redness was muted.  My face didn't look so worn down as it did before I started the routine. My husband joined me in my routine and said after the mask, that he didn't feel as tired as he did when he started the mask. 

Their packaging: Look at that eco-friendly bamboo! I love it! Plus, I topple my elixir bottle often, so it helps keep it safe! 

Mahalo's products are pricier than your average drugstore products, and its no surprise why. Their ingredients are handmade with the highest quality organic and sustainably grown ingredients found locally on the island of Hawaii. 

But Mahalo has offered my readers a discount until April 15th with the code: jannyorganically

Click the logo below to visit their site and enter the savings discount code!

I hope you try it out and join me in a weekly #maskmonday ritual, or at the very least, grab some of the "everything" balm - believe me, you won't regret it. And go say hello to Maryna from Mahalo on Instagram, she's a sweetheart!