Household Detox Part 2: A Clean Beauty Routineal

Do you know what’s really in your make-up? Your lotion? Your soap? Did you know you should ditch perfume all together? The items we use daily to help nourish, protect, clean and enhance our bodies may be doing more harm than good.

Your skin is your largest organ, and a complex one at that. The skin does a great job at playing defense to many dangers it comes in contact with, but also absorbs tiny molecules, and when you’re using products regularly that contain contraindicated ingredients, your skin will inevitably be absorbing more of these toxins over time.

You can see in the diagram where the blood vessels are in relation to the surface of your skin. Even products on your hair will travel down through the dermis.

Source: Salisbury NHS Foundation

Source: Salisbury NHS Foundation

At best, regular application of "dirty" products will clog your pores and cause breakouts and a congested complexion.

While our skin layers do indeed protect you from a lot of damage, chemicals will penetrate the skin will be delivered into blood stream and to our organs. Overall effect will depend the ingredients, amount of use, activity after application, skin type/age, your level of sensitivity and your ability to eliminate toxins (particularly if you are among the 50% of the population with a MTHFR Mutation).

Many studies have now shown strong links to cancer, endocrine (hormone) disruption, nuerotoxicity, infertility, developmental toxicity, allergies, even cellular changes from the ingredients in our beauty products.

It won’t surprise you to know that women are at higher risk.

Source: Mind Body Green (that terrible photoshop job is not mine!)

I don’t know anyone these days who hasn’t had a close experience with cancer, themselves or a dear friend/relative. My Grandmother died from cancer a few years ago, and with a family history of hormonal imbalances paired with our high exposure to toxins today, I have taken huge strides to rid our home of carcinogens and endocrine disrupting substances lurking in our food, cleaning supplies, toiletries, heck, even our furniture.

Top Ingredients to Avoid:

A Clean Beauty Routine - a look at the ingredients in our daily regimen and why they matter - janny: organically. + Organic Bath Co #giveaway #contest

I can't seem to figure out how to convert excel to PDF while preserving the hyperlinks to the sources, nor does my blog seem to support PDFs. I'm posting this as an image, I'll re-do this in a few days to provide the accurate content.

For part 2 of the Household Detox series, we’re headed into the bathroom cabinet and shower caddy. When I first started to explore the ingredients in my daily beauty routine, I didn’t think I’d come up with anything too “dirty” – after all, some of the products I was buying stated they were natural, baby-safe or mineral-based.

I was wrong.

Many brands claiming to be "natural" or even "baby-safe" still use some pretty harmful ingredients like those mentioned in the chart above.

To help kick-start your clean up, I'll share my tried and true (and non-toxic) favorites.

A Clean Beauty Routine - a look at the ingredients in our daily regimen and why they matter - janny: organically. + Organic Bath Co #giveaway #contest

Dirty items clockwise starting at top left: Pureology Hydrate Shampoo, Aquafresh toothpaste, Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion, Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash, Dior Show Mascara, Nars Blush, Mac Studio Fix Foundation, Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant.

Clean items clockwise starting at top left: Acure Organics Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo, Desert Essence Toothpaste, Organic Bath Co. Body Butter, Kiss My Face Olive Oil Soap, 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara, 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Blush, Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation, Primal Pit Paste Deodorant Stick

Brands like Johnson & Johnson and Aveeno surprised me. The Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash I was using contains Quaternium-15, a known carcinogen, allergen and eczema trigger. Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion contains Butylparaben, another known carcinogen, endocrine disrupter and reproduction toxin.

My so-called dirty-purge was not an easy task. Sure, it may be easy now to find non-toxic products, but do they work well? That took a lot of trial and error. So listed below are my recommendations from first hand experience.

Non-Toxic Recommendations


Shampoo and Conditioner










Setting Powder

Skin Care


Make-up Remover







Body Wash

Body Oil (instead of lotion - read why)

Feminine Products

Misc Toiletries


Additional Resources:

I know I didn’t discuss Fluoride, however, my research has shown that while benefit for teeth/cavities is debated, the effect fluoride can have on our bodies after ingesting is never beneficial. This article is written exactly how I would have delivered the message. We use fluoride-free toothpaste and use a fluoride/arscenic filter along with our Berkey Water Filter for drinking and cooking.

Adding Fragrance or Parfum to any products creates an endocrine disrupting product and is incredibly dangerous to your hormonal system and balance.  Make sure that your products are only scented naturally by ingredients like essential oils.

Fragrance is the New Secondhand Smoke