Cod Liver Oil Fails and Lily Jade Wins

Lily Jade has nothing to do with Cod Liver Oil, but I'm writing this post as I simultaneously attempt to decontaminate Sawyer's bathtub and toys. See, I give Sawyer a dose of cod liver oil every day for her immunity and brain development (it's packed with loads of Vitamin A, D and K along with Omega 3's and fatty acids EPA and DHA). She takes it without complaint during dinner, however, a few nights ago I forgot to give it to her and remembered while she was having her bath time with Dada. 

Mistake 1: Giving Sawyer the cod liver oil while she was in the tub. While she didn't spit it out, she didn't take the entire dose in the syringe, and decided she wanted to play with it.

Mistake 2: Letting her play with the syringe with a 1/10 of a teaspoon of the oil still inside. 

The first night, no problem. The next day? Hey, why does the bathroom smell musty? That evening? What reeks? After the next bath and pulling out a rancid-fish smelling daughter I finally realized what was happening. That gnarly fish oil leached onto the tub, the toys, the bath mats and now, my kid. And her hair! It made me nauseous to be near her. 

We took her to our bathroom armed with google-searched information telling us to wash her hair with baking soda paste. That didn't work. Next up was an apple cider vinegar rinse. That was a little better. I doused her with The Honest Company's Orange Vanilla Leave-in Hair Conditioner and I could finally hold her without wanting to hurl. 

So today has been about cleaning. First the sheets, pillows, stuffed animals, blankies and anything else her hair touched. Now, the tub sits soaking in steaming hot water, vinegar and lemon juice. What an effect that tiny little amount had on our home! Well. At least Sawyer's not sick, so we have that going for us.

Moving on.

As a self-proclaimed minimalist and baby-gear enthusiast, I was enamored with the Lily Jade "diaper bag" collection as it serves many a function and looks good while doing it. My bag arrived the evening before left for a 4-day Tahoe trip, so I immediately put it through quite a test.

I got by for nearly a year of Sawyer's life with my Lululemon Festival Bag which doubled as a diaper bag and purse for me. (FYI Looks like they are sold out again, but here's a similar one that looks like it could be a new and improved version). It was functional, roomy and handy. I'm not getting rid of it, that's for sure, but there were two problems. a.) I had to unload the contents or bring another bag for the babe if we were to be separated for more than 23 minutes and b.) It didn't get dressy when I wanted to. 

As Sawyer got bigger, so did all of her stuff. It's weird. I knew I needed a bigger bag with a backpack feature, even if I was just leaving the house for an hour, so I started my research. I think I'd seen Lily Jade's bags skating by on the interweb but never realized they were actually diaper bags. That was the beautiful, yet frustrating part. We finally found each other, so that's all that matters.

Yes, I know this isn't your typical "beach bag" but I was determined to use it everywhere we went on the trip to truly see how well it functioned in a variety of settings. This part was easy because all Sawyer wanted to do for 20 minutes was pile sand on my hand. 

Diaper Bag Review: Lily Jade Elizabeth in Camel via  #diaperbag   #designerbag   #lilyjade
Diaper Bag Review: Lily Jade Elizabeth in Camel via  #diaperbag   #designerbag   #lilyjade

I mean, check out that gorgeous color. Sawyer and the bag. Camel is my all-time favorite color in accessories whether it's a bag, shoes, belts and the best: leather seats.

Diaper Bag Review: Lily Jade Elizabeth in Camel via  #diaperbag   #designerbag   #lilyjade
Diaper Bag Review: Lily Jade Elizabeth in Camel via  #diaperbag   #designerbag   #lilyjade
Diaper Bag Review: Lily Jade Elizabeth in Camel via  #diaperbag   #designerbag   #lilyjade
Diaper Bag Review: Lily Jade Elizabeth in Camel via  #diaperbag   #designerbag   #lilyjade
Diaper Bag Review: Lily Jade Elizabeth in Camel via  #diaperbag   #designerbag   #lilyjade
Diaper Bag Review: Lily Jade Elizabeth in Camel via  #diaperbag   #designerbag   #lilyjade
Diaper Bag Review: Lily Jade Elizabeth in Camel via  #diaperbag   #designerbag   #lilyjade
Diaper Bag Review: Lily Jade Elizabeth in Camel via  #diaperbag   #designerbag   #lilyjade
Diaper Bag Review: Lily Jade Elizabeth in Camel via  #diaperbag   #designerbag   #lilyjade

Sorry, had to take a break from snapping bag photos to play Mario Bros, the original...who passes that up? It gets harder to play once you're older!

Diaper Bag Review: Lily Jade Elizabeth in Camel via  #diaperbag   #designerbag   #lilyjade

Ok so now for the breakdown.

Details from the website:

• Elizabeth in Camel - Lily Jade designer diaper bag
 Crafted from soft, premium leather
 Silver hardware and zippers
 Silver stud feet.
• Converts to backpack or crossbody
 Outside: Large front pockets with magnetic closure, two side pockets
• Inside: Large leather trimmed zipper pocket, cell phone and medium size pockets
 Each Lily Jade bag comes complete with a detachable, washable Baby Bag organizer and changing pad.
 The Elizabeth inner is lined with our signature red, silky smooth premium poly fabric.
 Dimensions: 11” (h) x 7” (w) x 17” (l) 
 Arm carry: Top handle 7” drop.
 Cross body/shoulder carry: Adjustable, detachable strap, 16” - 28” drop.

Details from my intense analysis

The I-Can't-Live-Without-It List:

  1. The Size. You can see how much room it has. For this trip I had to bring warm and cool weather clothes along with a swimsuit, swim diaper and cover up, which I wouldn't have been able to do with my festival bag. I also fit in all the essentials, water, snack pouches, protein bars, various other snacks, diapers, wipes, sunglasses, hair ties, sunscreen, healing balm, camilia drops, tylenol, formula, changing pad and chucks disposable pad. Don't forget that I filled my mom pockets too - wallet, checkbook, pens, compact, lipstick, lotion, a book (haha, wishful thinking), keys and hand sanitizer. And I still had an empty back pocket at this point.
  2. The Style. It doesn't look like a diaper bag, it looks like a designer fashion piece. That's all there is to it.
  3. The Color. Bonus points for me. They had my favorite color, so this was an easy pick for me.
  4. The Diverse Straps. Carry on your arm/elbow, over your shoulder, across your shoulder or as a back pack. I love a good multi-function device!
  5. The Removable & Washable Baby Bag. This is obviously a big selling point right here. All your baby goodies go into the baby bag, with about a zillion pockets to organize everything properly by the way, and then it pops out when you need to leave your child with someone other than you, then you are left with beautiful purse to go about your bidness. 

The Wish List:

  1. Additional Straps. Yes, I know the straps are in also in the LOVE list, but let me explain. The straps it comes with are narrow and sleek for a more fashionable look. I loaded my diaper bag up and had some heavy items in there and they began to dig into my shoulder. I don't always pack it that heavily, but I would recommend having another option to add another wider, cushioned strap to switch to when we know we have to load 'er up. Even some velcro padding would work as an add on, but some that match all the offered colors.
  2. Handles for the baby bag. While the bag works perfectly if mom is doing all the dropping off, I realized the other day at church that I would have to be the one that dropped Sawyer off at the nursery. While the bag pops out, it's hard for my husband to hold while he also carries Sawyer, so it would be nice to have a small handle to pull the bag out with and be able to carry it on your arm for instances such as this.

Small points, and neither would hold me back from buying it again. Or rather, buying it for myself with my Mom's birthday money. Thanks mama! Lily Jade has several other bag options. Check them out here and join the club: Lily Jade.