Weekly Mélange - Limited Edition Beauty Box + Giveaways, Sales + Chickens

Vapour + Beauty Heroes | janny: organically.

Beauty Heroes Beauty Box

Last month, Beauty Heroes launched their Limited Edition Wellness Box, and now it's the Beauty Edition's turn! This edition features a green beauty favorite brand, Vapour Organic Beauty.

This box includes:

  • STRATUS SOFT FOCUS SKIN PERFECTING PRIMER: A complexion-enhancing, color-balancing, line-diffusing liquid formula to instantly highlight skin’s best features. I have a friend who says she loves this product because she has large pores and it helps even everything out. The color options are:
    • S902 for fair to medium skin, with neutral or pink undertones. S902 diminishes the look of redness/rosacea and is free from carmine
    • S903 is you have have medium tan skin tones with yellow or olive undertones
    • S904 for most skin tones as it provides a perfected look to light to medium/dark skin tones with neutral or olive undertones. S904 is universal and appropriate for all skin tones and appears translucent on the skin
  • LUX ORGANIC LIP CONDITIONER is a heavenly blend of coconut and jojoba infused with calendula, helichrysum, fig, plum, apricot and lemon balm. This long-lasting cult favorite is an all-day go-to that works as a balm, primer, eyebrow tamer and evening hydrator
  • AER NEXT LEVEL DEODORANT is a lightweight gel-to-powder deodorant that is armed with a potent blend of arrowroot, tulsi, myrrh, oregano and a pinch of baking soda, a revolutionary blend that powerfully confronts odor-causing bacteria in your choice between these three scents:
    • Lavender Myrrh - A warm, bright, refreshing citrus
    • Ginger Grapefruit - Woodsy, spicy, purifying
    • Palo Santo Blood Orange - Clean, green and uplifting
Vapour + Beauty Heroes | janny: organically.

I want expand a bit on the gel-to-powder deodorant formulation. Vapour's founder has been working on this product for years; since her cancer diagnosis when her doctor advised her to avoid conventional deodorants. After testing numerous natural deodorants, they opted against the jars which require finger dipping, and solid sticks which they found to get too chalky.

In case you are new to the conventional to natural deodorant switch, here's the WHY and WHAT to expect:

  • Natural deodorants are not antiperspirants since these inhibit sweating by blocking the sweat glands, usually with aluminum
  • Conventional deodorants and antiperspirants usually contain dangerous ingredients including synthetic fragrance or formaldehyde along with propylene glycol which make these nasty ingredients penetrate the skin more effectively!
  • Most people making the switch will experience some form of "detox" which could be excessive sweating or stinkier odor. I always suggest doing an armpit detox before making the switch to help avoid or speed up this transitional period by applying apple cider vinegar or witch hazel with a cotton ball on unbroken armpit skin.

Back to the product, Vapour wanted the applicator to be a certain size to fit the hand and armpit comfortably, so you may notice the product seems partially full, but it contains at least 8 weeks of application, using once per day. Less is definitely more, you only need to push the gel formula up until you see small bead formations - smaller than the size of a rice grain.

The deodorant is cruelty-free, GMO-free, Gluten-free and 70% organic. Each stick includes a pinch of baking soda, which some people have a sensitivity to. My husband is pretty baking-soda sensitive, but hasn't had a reaction so far after 7 days of usage. I'll keep you posted!

As for me, I am enjoying it as well. It dries quickly and doesn't come with that fear of staining clothes that most "wet" formulations give me.

Grab the box here! Which scent are you leaning toward?!

Square Organics Take Over

I'm taking over the Square Organics instagram account today and tomorrow! It's Earth Day on Sunday, so a lot of my content will be focused on sustainability and products with low environmental impact. There will also be a couple of incredible giveaways, so make sure you're following along!

Square Organics have been a pantry staple for several years, in fact, they have been the only "candy bar" Sawyer has ever had, and it's quite a treat for her and doesn't freak me out since the ingredients are so clean.

Our favorites are:

And don't ever pay full price; using the code JANNYORGANICALLY at check out saves you 20% each time.

Vital Farms Pasture

Hanging with chickens

Next week, I'm headed Missouri to visit the Vital Farms chickens! You have no idea how excited I am about this!

Though we are a plant-based family, if we incorporate eggs at all, they must be pastured and we trust Vital Farms for this. I'll be going right to the source to see the living conditions of the chickens and talk to the farmers.

What questions do you have for them?! Let me know in the comments!

Earth Day Sales

As I mentioned before, it's Earth Day weekend, so naturally, there's a few sales happening. Here's what I know!

The Detox Market

Start Date: Thursday, April 19
End Date: Sunday, April 22 at midnight PST

Sale Details:

  • 10% off $100
  • 15% off $200
  • 15% off $300 & get a FREE Odacité Wild Carrot Serum Concentrate, a $55 value (while supplies last)
  • No promo code necessary
  • Get your shop on

Citrine Natural Beauty

  • Earn $20 store credit with every $100 spent
  • Credit can be used for future purchases after 30 days
  • Promotion Valid Friday-Sunday
  • Get your shop on

Integrity Botanicals

Au Naturale

  • 20% Off For Earth Day Celebration with code: planeteer
  • Starts on 4/20/18, Friday
  • Ends 4/22/18, Sunday at midnight
  • Valid on ALL products including the new Spring Collection
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