Sawyer's Clean Beauty Curly-Hair Routine

I get tons of questions about Sawyer's hair, primarily regarding the products we use on her long, curly mane. Luckily for you, the products we use are included in this month's Beauty Heroes selection at crazy-amazing pricing for subscribers! And don't worry, the grown-ups can enjoy this selection...curly hair or not!

Sawyer has never had her hair cut because she's trying to reach Rapunzel-length hair, naturally. Since her hair is mostly curly, it takes a lot of tender loving care to keep the curls looking fab. 

Here's her routine:

  • Every morning:
    • Spritz water and Innersense Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner
    • Use a Wet Comb starting from the bottom-up to comb through her tangles and air dry
  • Every other evening:
    • Shampoo and Condition with Innersense Hair Bath and Conditioner
    • While conditioner is still in hair, use a Wet Brush from the bottom-up until smooth and tangle free
    • Squeeze water out and use a clip to pull half of her hair up to help air drying or, if she wants, use a diffuser with a blow dryer until it's partially dry, but I don't towel dry her hair.

Some people braid their curly-haired children's hair to help control the tangles, but Sawyer doesn't feel comfortable sleeping with braids, and honestly, it changes the texture of her curls, so we skip it altogether.

All the items listed above from Innersense Hydrate Collection (plus their healing hair oil) are included in this month's Beauty Heroes subscription for $39 for items normally ringing up for over $100! Now, this is a new formulation, and we've used it once to find it even more hydrating and smelling SO GOOD. It's such a sweet scent of sage and vanilla.

While these products work great on most hair, all my curly-haired friends think Innersense is the cleanest option that works well for their texture. And we'd have to agree. We have yet to incorporate the hair oil into our routine but are looking forward to trying it out!

Innersense chooses to use, wild-harvested, biodynamic and certified organic ingredients in their products. And, they perform like salon-quality products! These, in particular, are designed to hydrate hair and give it a boost and bounce. Plus, how awesome is their new packaging? It's gorgeous and I love the pump option on the conditioner!

You can grab this month's box by signing up for Beauty Heroes for 3-months, 6 months or 12-months. Read more about this month's selection here!

What is Beauty Heroes? 

I've been an ambassador with Beauty Heroes since August 2015 and sometimes forget my readers may not know who they are and what they do!

Beauty Heroes is a monthly subscription box that offers full size products that have won us over in the Clean Beauty world. Whether you're new to (and potentially overwhelmed by) the green beauty movement or are looking for new products selected by experts at a reasonable (and sometimes shockingly low) price, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by this service. 

  • As a member, you receive full size product(s) from the most esteemed, respected and sought-after brands on the clean beauty market for way less than the retail cost.
  • As a Brand Ambassador, I will use and test each product a few weeks before they are issued to subscribers, posting a review about the time you receive them in the mail!

I know, another subscription box? Not quite! Personally, subscription boxes aggravate me; they seem to just fill my house with more "stuff" I wouldn't have bought in the first place. But yet here I am, partnering with a "subscription service," but it's only because I truly believe what they provide is different. 

Unlike most subscription services, you won't be receiving a box full of random samples from a beauty liquidator full of toxic ingredients. The Beauty Heroes motto is to Use Less. Love More., so each shipment features one brand: A top tier full size 'Hero' and 'Sidekick' which they receive directly from the brand themselves.  

Previous hero products have been from the likes of Laurel Skin, Josh Rosebrook, Kahina Giving Beauty, Vintner's Daughter, True Botanicals, Skin Owl, Osmia Organics, Maya Chia and more!

All items are hand selected by spa experts all over the country who agree each product provides superior results without any toxic ingredients. Even better, Beauty Heroes creates their product calendar so the products are not only seasonally appropriate, but alternate between face, body sun and hair care so you don't have to worry about receiving similar items back to back. After several months, your beauty cabinet should be stocked with game-changing products that  

  1. work  
  2. you love
  3. contain no harsh chemicals or toxins and
  4. didn't break the bank

Beauty Heroes also aims to help you learn the "Villain Ingredients" and how to avoid them, while promising to never include them in any product you are sent. Their Ingredient Intelligence Pocket Guide listing the most widely found Superpower and Villain Ingredients and is free for download. 

And what if you receive a product that doesn't work for you? No problem - they want you to be a satisfied customer and will refund your money.

Oh yes, the money.


Plus - if you share a photo of your monthly box on instagram with the hashtag #herogram, you might be selected as one of three monthly winners to receive a free month's subscription!

I take my collaborations seriously and wouldn't invest my time, energy or reputation on something I don't think you won't love.

You can check Beauty Heroes out hereThere you have it. If you're still reading, feel free to check out my Q&A over at Beauty Heroes!