When AYUNA + Beauty Heroes Collide

AYUNA + Beauty Heroes | janny: organically.

I'm so excited to announce November's Beauty Hero selection from AYUNA, a luxury skincare line I shared in May, based on the concept of topical fasting! So many of you wanted in on this goodness and now you can at the beauty hero pricing! This box features 1 full-size product and 2 travel size companions which ring in at a $205 value for the Beauty Hero price of $39.

So what does fasting have to do with skincare? It's about feeding the skin precisely what it needs to stay balanced and protected while accelerating its ability to self-repair and regenerate. It eliminates overstimulation which initiates the mechanisms for self-repair and regeneration. This, in turn, essentially eliminates a boatload of unnecessary products.

This is incredible because basically when the body is kick started into “self-healing” mode, it identifies your skin’s needs and deficiencies and addresses them!

And yes, the entire line is sensitive enough for the skin around the eye contour, so that means you don't even need an additional eye-specific product.

AYUNA has been my primary skin care line of 2017, so needless to say, I'm all for it.

The hero of this month's box is ESSENCE High Protein Cream-in-Oil Peel, their grainless, gentle exfoliation product and definitely the WOW product in their line because of the immediate, dramatic improvement in the skin’s texture and brightness. It's applied like a mask and allow to activate and work for 15-30 minutes. You then roll the mask away over the sink with your fingers; no water required! I wipe the excess off with a dry wash cloth and enjoy the softness!

I've been using this product for several months and my skin craves it...along with the rest of their line. Nothing makes my skin feel immediately soft as this!

The sidekicks are a must as well:

I LOVE this artisan SOAP which is enriched with saponified Borage, Olive and Coconut oils along with activated charcoal, it provides a deep detox as it absorbs and dispels impurities, sebum and toxins. At first, I was overwhelmed by the soap's essential oils, but it was because they were contained so tightly in the wrapping, so the intensity wore off. In fact, the essential oils AYUNA chose for the soap had a lot to do with their ability to assist in calming, protecting and connecting the brain and skin.  They are: Gurjum Balsam, Frankincense, Myrrh, Chamomile, Rosemary and Bucchu. This box contains this soap in a travel size.

The CREAM is like none other. I've been getting messages about my skin's brightness this year and I have to say this cream is a big part of it. AYUNA actually offers two levels of emolliency; Light and Rich, the latter being included in a travel size with this box. It offers high levels of hydration and nutrition with a creamier experience than the Light and let me tell you, it's moisturizing as all get out!

This is such a special line I hope you'll try out. You can sign up with Beauty Heroes here to get this insane pricing before they sell out!


A note about AYUNA's ingredients which are:

  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Sourced ethically and sustainably
  • Ecocert Natrue, Cosmos and/or ISO compliant
  • EWG Verified
  • Non-GMO
  • 100% natural, and organic where possible
  • Pure botanical ingredients that are pesticide- and herbicide-free.
  • Obtained through clean and green processes which do not generate any toxic impurities

In compliance with EU regulations, their ingredient list uses the term fragrance or parfum but take heart, it's a 100% essential oil blend containing no synthetics. AYUNA also only uses safe, clean alchohols with no denaturant additives. 

Regarding Sodium Benzoate in the Creams to preserve cell cultures: this ingredient has been deemed GRAS (generally recognized as safe) in cosmetics. The concern about this ingredient arose when used in soft drinks containing absorbic acid (vitamin C) as that combination can potentially create benzene. There is no such concern for the ingredient combination in these products since it contains citric acid and not absorbic acid.

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