Indie Beauty Expo 2016 - JOIN ME!

Indie Beauty Expo 2016 - Join me! - janny: organically.

Indie beauty fans unite! The annual Indie Beauty Expo (iBE) is headed to L.A and N.Y. this May and August! Not familiar with iBE? Let me give you a little teaser of what to expect!

iBE was created as a platform to recognize, showcase and celebrate independent beauty, wellness and lifestyle brands. The past several years have proven Indie brands are among the fastest growing product categories and retailers want them in their stores!

Indie brands are my personal favorite because these are the brands typically creating their products in small batches with cleaner ingredients and have direct oversight by the owner(s). iBE's mission is to support the growth and success of Indie Brands and the entrepreneurs behind them.

Last year, iBE was a one day event in New York, but the West Coast is getting some love this year meaning....yours truly will be joining in on the action! I'm particularly excited to meet several brand owners in person (another benefit of indie beauty, the owners/creators are so involved!) along with some of the incredible beauty bloggers and fans I've gotten to know over the past 2 years.

I had the opportunity to ask Jillian Wright, co-founder of iBE and creator of Jillian Wright Skin Care, a few questions about the 2016 iBE. We'll partner for a giveaway before the event but in the meantime, here's some excellent 411 on the event!

Q&A with iBE co-Founder, Jillian Wright

Indie Beauty Expo 2016 - Join me! - janny: organically.

janny organically: This will be my first experience with iBE, and I'm super excited! This event is unique in that it celebrates and promotes Independent Beauty brands, pretty much all I use or promote myself! For readers who aren't aware, how would you explain what an "Indie Brand" is?

Jillian Wright: Indie brands are companies that are 50% or more owned by individuals who directly operate the company.  Indie Brands also embody a passion and spirit that is missing from mass market brands.

JO: Last year's event confirmed the demand for Indie Beauty and the continued growth of the movement. You've expanded to accommodate for more space and added an extra day. What else changed from last year to this year?  

JW: To begin with, we added LA to the Indie Beauty mix May 4th and 5th.  We have a lot of respect for the LA wellness and beauty community and are very excited to bring iBE to them.  We are doubling the length of time, space and amount of brands that can exhibit.  We are also adding lifestyle and wellness brands that revolve around beauty.  We will have speakers, panels and looking to add workshops for both consumers and professional.  We are also starting the expo with a VIP press event, then opening it to consumers for a blowout shopping event.  We will have make up demos, cocktails, overall, it will be a big beauty party!  There will be *sizzle* which we will announce closer to the expo!!

JO: It all sounds like a blast! Are you excited about any particular brand(s) participating in this years event? 

JW: I’m blown away every day with all the indie brands that reach out to us. We have a massive list that we created but each day, more knock on our door. They are all so unique and truly care about their products.  They each have a story.  Some stand outs are Kopari Beauty, Mahalo Care, Lyeska, Circ-Cell, Skin Owl, Java Skincare, Evelyn Iona Cosmetics, INUF, Girl Undiscovered, Max and Me to name a few.

JO: There is still a focus on 'natural/clean' beauty for the there a list of ingredients in products not allowed into the event? 

JW: We value *clean* beauty.  It is the backbone of most indie brands. Jeannie Jarnot from Beauty Heroes and also one of our iBE advisors elaborated on her *Villain* list for iBE.  This is the list we abide by for a brand to be clean.  The brands that pass this list, will get a special iBE seal or display for their booth so they are identified as clean.  People looking for clean and green beauty will be able to find them easily.

JO: Wonderful! What can one expect to experience on Day 1 vs. Day 2? 

JW: Day one is for press/media (2 hour VIP access) and our consumer shopping event to follow.  Day two is B to B or for BUYERS (Retailers) and professionals in the beauty industry for example, spas, hotels, salons, boutiques, lifestyle stores, resorts, distributors, make up artists, aestheticians, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and trade.  But, most of all the B to B day is for buyers and brands to connect and do serious business.  The reason the brands are exhibiting is to forge relationships with retail buyers and for distribution.

JO: A little something for everyone! For those who cannot make it to LA or NY for either event, is there a way indie beauty brands and bloggers can participate in any of the fun? 

JW: Well, if I were you, I’d try to make it!  This is a very special event.  It’s electric, energizing.  You can manufacture that kind of energy.  It’s fun and you get to meet some incredible people.

JO: Agreed. What is your goal for this years IBE? 

JW: What we do, every thing we do is for the brands.  I get up in the morning so excited to start my day because I don’t know who is going to reach out to me or I have a lunch with a brand founder.  150% of our dedication is for the brands. Everything we do is for them and we love it.   All the press, consumers and buyers who attend have a love for indie beauty and we want iBE to be a serious platform for brands to do business with consumers and buyers.  We are here to make it fun and exciting.  We have a lot in store for the future that goes beyond the expos.  You’ll have to stay tuned!

There you have it! You can join us in LA on May 4th and 5th at The Shrine or those on the East Coast can experience the NY version on August 24th and 25th at The Waterfront. For more information on joining the event as an exhibitor or attendee, check out!

Make sure we are connected on instagram for more news and a giveaway as we get closer to the event! Discount codes for hotels to come soon - stay tuned!

Who's planning on attending? Comment below, we all have to meet up!