All About That Base (Foundation)

All About That (Foundation) Base: Options for Green Beauties in Liquid, Powder and Cream - janny: organically.

I've been pretty stuck on my Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation for a while now, and have gotten questions about other options, namely, a liquid, powder and BB for those who prefer not to use the cream base.

So I figured I'd give a few a whoorl, and what do you know, I found some I love just as much as the cream!


This is my latest go-to clean beauty foundation and it happens to be a liquid! My struggle with liquid foundation has always been the dread “line of demarcation” but I found that this one blends so well, it’s not even an issue. I think the vegan flat top foundation brush was a big part of this as it has the perfect combination of soft/firm for the foundation application.

I recommend to always start out with very little product and build as needed. If you add too much up front, it will look cakey, which how it turned out on my first application, but once I corrected the application, the end result was a flawless matte finish.

While you can carefully build for fuller coverage, one thing people noticed off the bat was my freckles were clearly visible, which gives such a natural look. I had some blemishes to cover, which is where the concealer came in to play before I applied the foundation.

The foundation wears well all-day, and seriously is the winning product from this line, along with their primer (highly recommended to pair with the foundation)

Because of their limited shades, I mixed together Medium (03) and Tan (04). 

Not sure of your shade? You can order a sample pack here which includes a small jar of Light 02, Natural 2.5, Medium 03, Tan 04 and the Primer for $10. The Beautifully Flawless Foundation can be found here.


Gressa Skin - Minimalist Corrective Serum: Foundation

This product is unlike anything I've ever tried; it is after all, a foundation serum. I'm simply amazed at the ingredient line-up and the flawless application.

It is concocted with herbs into a broccoli oil base, of which you only need a few drops to spread quickly all over your face. You can go back to concentrate areas that need a bit more coverage with another drop, or I'll even use Kjaer Weis as a concealer when my face is particularly mangled.

What I love about this foundation is the light to medium coverage and how it magnificently it blends onto the skin. Because it is an oil base, it spreads easily, so there is none of those "patchy" areas I used to experience with other liquid foundation. Also, it feels like I am smoothing cashmere all over my face!  My skin looks like, well, skin, and is able to breathe! It's got a clean, even and satin finish - I'm still in awe over this product!

For reference, I wear the color 3.5.

Gressa Skin products are available now from Integrity Botanicals or Beauty Heroes (members get 15% off).


Hynt Beauty Velluto Pure Powder Foundation

You may recognize this brand as the creator of my top mascara pick from my showdown post a few months ago. Their ultra-finely milled powder foundation happens to be a winner as well! Not only is it blended with skin rejuvenating and healing organic extracts and oils, it provides a medium to full coverage without that cake-y or fine line-settling finish found in most powder foundations.

A little goes a long way, and you can build coverage up as needed or concentrate more on problem areas. For powder foundation brands trying transitioning from conventional mineral based brands, I think you will find Hynt performs even better than the competition!

Hynt also offers the ability to purchase sample sizes for $5 to see for yourself and find the perfect shade.

For reference, I'm between a light and medium beige.

Shop from Hynt Beauty or Integrity Botanicals

BB Cream

Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream

**This is an update to the post as I have learned more about dimethicone over the past few months.

I've seen several green beauties using this and decided to check it out. My main concern was the use of multiple dimethicones, a silicone-based polymer, which makes the cream spread easily, fills in lines/wrinkles and creates a water resistant layer. Now this gets a little tricky, because single molecule dimethicone is a the pure form of the ingredient and is recognized as safe for use.

In the middle of the Jane Iredale product ingredient list, you will see dimethicone listed for the third time as PEG-10 dimethiconePEG-10, aka Polyethylene Glycol and all PEG compounds, are ingredients which have been processed with ethylene oxide. This process makes the ingredient "ethoxylated" and carries a high risk of contamination of the bi-product 1,4 dioxane. Both ethylene oxide and 1,4 dioxide are carcinogenic so I would highly recommend avoiding this product due to this specific ingredient. More info here.



All About That (Foundation) Base: Options for Green Beauties in Liquid, Powder and Cream - janny: organically.

Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation

I couldn't finish this post without including at least a snippet of this gorgeous foundation. If you haven't tried a cream foundation yet, this is the one to get. From application, to coverage, to ingredients, Kjaer Weis has you covered.

For reference, I wear the color Illusion and it is available from Integrity Botanicals, The Detox Market, Citrine Natural Beauty. Don't forget refills are available for almost half the price - the sticker shock includes the hefty case!

Click here to read my full review and comparison featuring the Kjaer Weis foundation.

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