What Beauty Counter is Doing Right (The Post That Almost Never Was)

Surprise! Beauty Heroes February selection is a body oil and lip sheer from Beauty Counter! A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about why I'm not a fan of Multi-Level Marketing organizations and included Beauty Counter in the line up.

The difference with Beauty Counter, as I highlighted, is their commitment to education around dangerous ingredients lurking in skin and beauty products (along with some lobbying in DC). Some of their products, however, use water, and therefore preservatives, and a few other synthetics and soy derivatives, which I avoid, and you can read all about in my original post.

I felt by promoting this month's Beauty Hero's selection, I would inadvertently send the message I endorse all Beauty Counter products and/or believe their consultants to be completely educated on the ingredients. But by not posting the information, I'm also sending the message that you all aren't smart enough to decipher the ingredients for yourselves, and that's not true.

I also realized that for every ill-informed MLM rep, there is at least one blogger posting inaccurate information or unintentionally misleading their audience with non-MLM products.

Part of my "job" as a blogger is to help you understand how to decipher ingredients yourself, not to break down every ingredient in every product on the market. It's about education and encouraging your first instinct to be flipping that product over to scour those ingredients, regardless of what certifications it has or which blogger endorses it.

What Beauty Counter is Doing Right (The Post That Almost Never Was) - janny: organically.

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing some details about claims/certifications companies use to convince the consumer their products are clean, green, non-toxic, all-natural, etc. It's more than hard, it's simply overwhelming, even for someone who spends as much time analyzing ingredients as I do! But Beauty Counter is doing something commendable with their ingredient list: They are being completely transparent.

They provide a "Never List" and an entire Ingredient Glossary including where each is sourced, the properties and which products they are used in. Don't want to use water, preservatives or synthetics in your Beauty Counter choices? It's easy to locate where they are.

They don't claim to be the cleanest brand on the block, but their efforts to inform their customers on the ingredient line up is commendable. So decide what your own "never list" looks like and make educated decisions when it comes to buying products...and guess what, they don't all have to be from the same brand! My own daily personal routine includes upwards of 15 products from 10 different brands!

So...if you want to give Beauty Counter a try, Beauty Heroes is offering their Rose Neroli Body Oil ($73 value), you know I'm a sucker for a body oil!...and it's sidekick, the Petal Lip Sheer ($30 value) for the heroic price of $39.  Click on the links to each item to review the entire ingredient line up to see if they fit your standards.

You get this month's Beauty Heroes selection here, or if you are already a member, you can also give a Gift Subscription or e-gift card, a good idea for valentines/galentines day!

Thanks for hanging with me...I hope to never let any sense of pride overshadow products on the market or damper my true passion of educating my readers.