Do Your Beauty Products Come with Tights and a Cape?

Do Your Beauty Products Come With Tights and a Cape? Beauty Heroes #cleanbeauty #greenbeauty - janny: organically.

Do you want to know something sad? Every month I will inevitably be asked what I "really" think about a product I reviewed or recommended. Bloggers are sent products to review and in exchange, feel pressured into writing a glowing review. 

My recommendations have never been and never will be skewed on the "exchange for product" belief. I have received many products that never make it to the review process, much less the recommendation page! 

While there are many non-toxic products options for each budget, I'm sensitive to fact others may be and expensive investment not to take lightly.

So with that, I'd like to share something really to get non-toxic beauty delivered to you monthly, one hero product at a time.

Beauty Heroes

Do Your Beauty Products Come With Tights and a Cape? Beauty Heroes #cleanbeauty #greenbeauty - janny: organically.

I have partnered with Beauty Heroes (formerly Spa Heroes) as a Brand Ambassador to help people find the most incredible non-toxic skin, hair and body products on the market. Whether you're new to (and potentially overwhelmed by) the green beauty movement or are looking for new products selected by experts at a reasonable (and sometimes shockingly low) price, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by this service. 

  • As a member, you receive full size product(s) from the most esteemed, respected and sought-after brands on the clean beauty market for way less than the retail cost.
  • As a Brand Ambassador, I will be using and testing each product a few weeks before they are issued to subscribers, posting a review about the time you receive them in the mail!

I know, another subscription box? Not quite! Personally, subscription boxes aggravate me; they seem to just fill my house with more "stuff" I wouldn't have bought in the first place. But yet here I am, partnering with a "subscription service," but it's only because I truly believe what they provide is different. 

Not Just Another Subscription Box

Unlike most subscription services, you won't be receiving a box full of random samples from a beauty liquidator full of toxic ingredients. The Beauty Heroes motto is to Use Less. Love More., so each shipment features one brand: A top tier full size 'Hero' and 'Sidekick' which they receive directly from the brand themselves.  

Previous hero products have been from the likes of Laurel Organics, Previse Skin Care, among others. Upcoming hero products will be from brands like Josh Rosebrook, Kahina Giving Beauty, In Fiore and Vitner's Daughter! 


All items are hand selected by spa experts all over the country who agree each product provides superior results without any toxic ingredients. Even better, Beauty Heroes creates their product calendar so the products are not only seasonally appropriate, but alternate between face, body sun and hair care so you don't have to worry about receiving similar items back to back. After several months, your beauty cabinet should be stocked with game-changing products that  

  1. work  
  2. you love
  3. contain no harsh chemicals or toxins and
  4. didn't break the bank

Beauty Heroes also aims to help you learn the "Villain Ingredients" and how to avoid them, while promising to never include them in any product you are sent. Their Ingredient Intelligence Pocket Guide listing the most widely found Superpower and Villain Ingredients and is free for download. 

And what if you receive a product that doesn't work for you? No problem - they want you to be a satisfied customer and will refund your money.

Oh yes, the money.

The box is $39 per month for items that retail for up to $185! To put this in perspective: 

  • The combined retail value for 3 upcoming shipments (I won't say which months) is $383 + shipping
  • The Beauty Heroes cost is $115...but add in my discount, you get it all for $92 and free shipping. That's insane!
  • As a member, you also receive 15% off any item in their online shop

You might be concerned about not knowing what you're getting yet, but trust's sooooo good. I was speechless at the value not only with the products themselves, but the extent at which Beauty Heroes and their Spa Experts go to dissect and test each product to ensure they line up with their values, including a commitment to cruelty-free beauty. 

I take my collaborations seriously and wouldn't invest my time, energy or reputation on something I don't think you won't love. You will. I'll even tell my mom she needs to buy the 6 month package.

Hey mom, you need to buy the 6 month package!

You can check Beauty Heroes out here and use the code JANNYORGANICALLY for 20% off your first purchase. Use it wisely - if you buy just one month, you can't use it again once you realize how amazing it is ;)  I'm telling you, you're gonna want to get them through the end of the year, at least. 

You can read my Beauty Heroes Bio here, written by my talented husband, as well as my interview with the founder here

Share your thoughts in the comments below if this sounds like something that interests you or if you are already a member, I'd love to hear what you think so far! 

Code expires 11/20/15

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